In part 1. of Shards Of a Fractured Mirror we introduced Willa , a new voice coming through Bashar, who of course is a channeled by Daryl Anka , its a bit like Russian dolls , a channel, channeling a channel and so on , after a while one can see that the word channel is a bit outdated from this perspective.

From a greater reality , Daryl , Bashar and Willa are all part of the same being, at different frequencies,  just as all of humanity is really one being , fragmented into 7 billion “shards” , each reflecting back their own unique  persepctive of  reality.

Once we grow and expand beyond the idea of separateness, we are well on our way to allowing the next transformation of thought to take hold , and that is the idea that every “thing” is within all that is , all “beings” all planets, galaxies , universes, dimensions, time , space … all of it , is within each of us , we are “it” and “it” is us , no separation !

From this ” Higher Self ” Perspective true empowerment begins to take a hold , a type of empowerment that transcends every “thing”.

We start to see , that while there does “appear”  to be ideas,  we could call separateness, they are simply constructs created for the experience, they are not empirically real.

This is why,  for me,  Shards of A fractured Mirror has such a powerful resonance as an idea, metaphor, image, concept of what we are, and what “it” is all about.
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150 years from now in a parallel , future reality ,a hybrid human ,  Holly Cotton , writes a book , a work known as “Shards Of the Fractured Mirror”, it becomes the definitive work on Parallel Reality Understanding.

550 years beyond that , a being know as ,  Willow Helichrysum, uses the material in  “Shards of a Fractured Mirror ” as a text book , a bible so to speak in her education and training as a Parallel Reality Specialist, a career that apparently becomes useful once we have evolved beyond the limitations of linear time and space.

In Willow’s “now” ,700 years from “our now” , up line from us , she is making contact with us in the year 2013 . Her contact with us is possible becasue of a being know as Bashar , also a hybrid human , from roughly “2000 years”  in our future , who is channeled by Darryl Anka in our “now ” circa 2013 .

What is the point you may ask , I’m not entirely sure…other than simple curiosity and fascination , to go deeper , further , to expand… however…for  myself and many others,  the point is , that , the larger reality is not linear , it only appears that way becasue we have chosen to  participate in a shared , collective , virtual reality , that simulates linearity… is that even a word… it sounds good.
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