Well here it is the December 21st 2012 , or more commonly known as Friday. I took the day off to enjoy the end of the world and I have to admit its all a bit anti climatic.

Well Gerald looks like you can come down from the mountain , perhaps find another date for the ending of the world and cataclysms , I don’t mean to pick on Gerald , he just happens tot be the poster child for the type of fear mongering that has grown so popular these days.

He’s just trying to make a living , although I’m sure he will be having a big sale on all DVD’s , and I’m sure big discounts will be available on all the underground bunkers around the world.

For many of us , 2012 has simply been a year that we make a shift , we are exiting the Kali yuga , or dark age and working our way back towards the light, its simply part of the cycle of consciousness itself, form darkness to light, and back again.
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So what will the rest of 2012 look like now that we are roughly half way through the year ?  In Part 1 we talked about shifting to a slightly more positive vibrational frequency as we move forward.

Does that mean outer circumstances will look like they are improving ?  Will the Economy around the world start to get better ?  Will the war mongers slowly start scaling down their war for profit campaigns in the middle east ?

Will the Power Elite Start using their stolen resources to better human existence ? Such as allowing cleaner technologies to emerge so that we can start to head in the direction of sustainable and healthy living for humans and the planet as well ?

These are all good questions that most of the awakening population is asking.   The answer of course, is no one can really know exactly how it will all play out. The future is simply the bow wave of the eternal moment , so its always in a constant state of flux.
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !


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