The most powerful state of awareness you can be in is the “Present Moment ”

Of course in reality that is all there is, however the mind has created the illusion of linear time so that we can have a certain type of experience.

A “ Story ” with a beginning and an end. It is the only way that we as infinite beings can experience being finite. And it gives our physical lives more meaning, more expedience more motivation to go through the process we call living.

The concept of time is not a negative thing , it’s simply one of the rules we have agreed to as a collective consciousness. One of the Root Assumptions, like gravity.

Always remember though that physical reality, time , the past, the future are all within our consciousness.

Consciousness is not subject to time , and since we are consciousness, ultimately we are not subject to time.

This is not a belief it is our actual experience. We all know when we are doing something we love , time flies by.

Why ? Because when we are following and living in our excitement , we are no longer creating time !

Conversely when we are not excited about what we are doing , we become bored, anxious, nervous, and unhappy, time seems to drag on… this is the byproduct of creating time.

Of course there are situations that are not pleasant, we all go through adversity, things that are out of our control so to speak.

These are perfect opportunities to practice “Present Moment Awareness” . Because the solution to any problem will only be found in the present moment.

However when you are more able to follow your excitement in this physical life, moment by moment, with no expectation , the effect of time fades. And you truly start experiencing your reality as one big present moment.

Yes you will still use time in a practical way to navigate physical reality, however you will no longer be bound by it, a prisoner of it.

Practicing “Present Moment Awareness “ will empower you and free you from the regrets of the past and worrying about the future.

It will also benefit your experience with others as you become more present with them they will reciprocate, creating more meaningful and joyful relationships.


We are all Co-Creators of our individual and collective realities , even if we are completely unaware of the process.

The major shift in the evolution of consciousness on this planet right “Now” is to become aware of that process.

The most important aspect of this process it to “Know Thyself”

Most humans are completely identified with their persona, their life story, their personal narrative in physical reality. For some it is a self created prison. For the human race it has created, wars, famine and chaos.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being fully engaged in the story, the drama, after all that is the point of it all, to live life fully.

However most of us and certainly mother earth, would be much better served if we were also aware that we are, infinite, multi dimensional beings, and that physical reality is just one aspect of a much greater reality.

From this more expanded perspective we can become living templates that will help to create a new paradigm , a new consensus reality here on earth.

A reality based on love instead of fear. Inclusion instead of exclusion. Unification instead of polarization. Integration instead of segregation… Knowing instead of Believing !!!

This new consensus reality already exists now. To be part of it all you have to do is shift your vibration, change the channel, remove the old definitions, and replace with new definitions that serve you in a positive way.

And always follow your excitement , your joy , your passion, as these are your true north, your true path, higher self’s way of guiding you along your journey.

And most importantly you have to hold that vibration of joy, love, excitement, passion , REGARDLESS of what is happening outwardly. Hold on to it with the absolute knowing that nothing else matters except your state of being… NOTHING !

And little by little , step by step , shift by shift, you will gradually find yourself BECOMING the reality you prefer.


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