The business of war is booming these days. Conflicts around the globe are generating record sales of munitions , tanks , bombs , airplanes, warships, military and security personnel,   so we can “blow everything up”  and kill each other !   Wow , how intelligent is that .

Then these same companies that benefit from the war , double their profits by re building and putting it all back together again so they can blow it all up again later, down the road, never ending madness.

Mean while the human population  caught in the cross fire of the Military industrial complex are basically SOL. This is life on planet earth circa 2012.

Then comes H.CON.RES.107 . Is  H.CON.RES.107  a beacon of light in the darkness ,  the madness that seems to have taken over the once great constitutional republic, this grand experiment we call America.

It boggles the mind when we try to understand where this all comes form. What is the point?  Well they say it is always darkest before the dawn.

What looks to be our greatest nightmare , just may be the catalyst for our greatest awakening.  This I believe is “The Point”.

I have know idea what  will come from   H.CON.RES.107  or whether its a pivotal turning point. But at least someone is making the point.

Many of  us are not  political in the least bit, to me watching politics is no different than watching day time soaps. In fact the  two or almost identical .

Comparison between Politics and Day Time Soap Operas are as follows : Lots of bad acting and  pointless posturing , the same plot over and over again , nothing “ever” gets resolved , everyone is always fighting and back stabbing and same characters get replaced by different actors, and it just goes on and on . This is present day American Politics.

Below is an interesting video , about this whole subject of pointless war for profit .  However I would argue that presidents are simply puppets for the real decision makers , the ones we never see on TV , impeach one, they will just put another actor up there.

Presidents are not the problem , they are simply tools , pun intended , used by the real forces at work. Which are , well that’s the point of the awakening, that’s what we are trying to figure out , what is the real mechanism behind all this madness.

And while I appreciate Alex Jones and the Info Wars gang for putting this information out there , I still see all of it as another form of propaganda , just a different type.

As usual its up to the individual to interpret , and  decide for yourself what version of reality you want to exists in. Getting caught up in these Soap Operas is not going to set you free.

What will set you free ?  For many of us it is the realization that we are infinite in nature, and this little drama we are playing out here on planet earth is the Big Soap Opera of the cosmos.

So don’t take it too seriously , have some fun with it , be in the moment and feel the power of that !

On January 14th we talked about The business of War and the Empire’s desire to start a conflict with Iran , a war that could potentially lead to a global conflict.

It seemed we were in a version of reality , or a timeline where that was becoming a probability.  To explore this concept of shifting to versions of reality that we are more in alignment with , I affirmed to my higher self , to universe , that  I did not want to be part of that paradigm.

I affirmed that “war” does not  resonate with me vibrationally , that I  will not be a willing participant in any such nonsense , and that I see the lie, War is a Business model for the ruling bloodlines !

2 days later , on January 16th , the United states and its allies , also known as the empire, decided to cancel military exercises in the straight of Hormuz , becasue they did not want things to escalate into war.

So this was very interesting ,  did I change the world by talking about this online, of course not , I simply shifted to a version of reality where world War 3 is less a probability than it was on January 16th.

Anyone reading this now has also come along for the ride, on this particular “version” of earth. Is their another version of earth or reality , where the exercises were not canceled and the escalation continues , perhaps , in an absolutely infinite universe , “everything” is allowed expression, this is how loved we truly are , this is love .

The idea here again is, that we never actually change the world, we simply shift to versions of reality that we are more in alignment with vibrationally.

For me personally , war seems like absolute madness, there is no justification what so ever ,it appears to be a form of manipulation by those that know how to manipulate “human ” consciousness

The more aware we become of the nature of this reality the more difficult it will be to manipulate us , making it near impossible for us to be used a co creative slaves, at the creation level , and without source energy , the War Construct will eventually collapse.

And this is one way we can change the outer circumstances, something each of us can do that requires no props , no money , no technology outside of ourselves, something we can simply be.

When we change our beliefs and our definitions  of  “things”,  this will have the greatest impact , becasue it effects things at the creation level, where all outer manifestation is born.

Remembering we are co-creators of “all that is” , because we “are all that is” is a very important step in awakening.


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