As you dig deeper into the ” Nature of Nature ” you will come across the term ”  Sacred Geometry ”  and no one is more passionate about sacred geometry than Charles Gilchrist , artist , philosopher , writer and teacher .

Charles Gilchrist is a very gifted artist who takes the idea of sacred geometry and utilizes it in his creation of beautiful Mandalas , that are all hand made and painted in the finest of detail and craftsmanship , each piece he creates is a unique journey into the world of sacred geometry and into the heart and soul of Charles himself.

If your not familiar with sacred geometry , it’s all about the beautiful patterns in nature , in matter  and consciousness, it is the architecture of the universe , the shapes you see in snowflakes , the sunflower, the spiral patterns found in the Nautilus Shell  , the spiral shape of a galaxy, and the shape of a hurricane as seen from space, the chambers in a honeycomb , the patterns that you can see in sand as you apply different sound frequencies , different vibrations , it is everywhere in everything !

Everything is vibration , everything is frequency , and when you look closely at anything in Nature  you will see shapes and patterns appearing everywhere , all based on mathematics like the Fibonacci Sequence , the Phi Ratio or Golden Mean , all of which illustrates the complexity and beauty of  consciousness at work within it’s creation.
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We wanted to thank Cliven Bundy and his family for actually doing something , and standing up against tyranny down there in Clark county Nevada.

The video below needs no narrative , no conceptualizing , the imagery alone inspires us to overcome our fears and to stand together united !

We have nothing to loose and everything to gain in standing up to tyranny in all its forms big and small! Of course in this case the motivation for tyranny was money , greed , corruption.

It appears the whole thing may have been about a corrupt politicians multi billion dollar land deal , a imminent domain style land grab. So far the story is a win for humanity.

Lets share the story with as many people as we can !



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