150 years from now in a parallel , future reality ,a hybrid human ,  Holly Cotton , writes a book , a work known as “Shards Of the Fractured Mirror”, it becomes the definitive work on Parallel Reality Understanding.

550 years beyond that , a being know as ,  Willow Helichrysum, uses the material in  “Shards of a Fractured Mirror ” as a text book , a bible so to speak in her education and training as a Parallel Reality Specialist, a career that apparently becomes useful once we have evolved beyond the limitations of linear time and space.

In Willow’s “now” ,700 years from “our now” , up line from us , she is making contact with us in the year 2013 . Her contact with us is possible becasue of a being know as Bashar , also a hybrid human , from roughly “2000 years”  in our future , who is channeled by Darryl Anka in our “now ” circa 2013 .

What is the point you may ask , I’m not entirely sure…other than simple curiosity and fascination , to go deeper , further , to expand… however…for  myself and many others,  the point is , that , the larger reality is not linear , it only appears that way becasue we have chosen to  participate in a shared , collective , virtual reality , that simulates linearity… is that even a word… it sounds good.
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