Culture is the most insidious of the programs running on this planet. As the late great Terrance Mckenna used to say Culture is Not Your Friend.

When you start to analyze the nature of culture,you have to peel away the layers like an onion to get an idea of the levels of culture that exists and how it effects human consciousness.

Here is a brief run down to give you an idea of the many levels of Culture that exist.We start with Family culture,right at home and how you interact with your own family members.

Then we move on to the Culture of a given neighborhood,from the poor ghettos to the Mansions of the rich .From there we move to the culture of the towns or cities such as New York versus LA.

From there we move on to the Culture of the State you live in from Alabama to California is almost like two different planets.

From State Cultures we move on to regions like the South Versus the North , the East versus the West where everything from fashion to music is affected.

From there we move on to the Culture of Nations , here even greater differences are seen and wars are fought over Cultural differences like religion , another program of course , but we will save that for the Religion section.

The problem with culture is that it’s just another tool  the “Social Engineers ”  use to separate us. Culture in not a unifying paradigm,or state of awareness. There are so many subtle ways that culture works to separate us so that we actually believe we are alone.

In this section dealing with “Culture” I will be sharing with you the voices that have sought to unravel and deconstruct this program we call culture in an effort to empower the “Human Being” to a state beyond Culture.

From the perspective of infinite consciousness “Culture “can be enjoyed of course,even relished with its many aspects,from the types of food we eat and clothes we wear to behavior and entertainment of all kinds.

The key however,and this is pretty much true with all experience in this reality, is to not it allow it to control you,see it for what it truly is, jut more window dressing.

When you can be in the world but not of it , then you can really enjoy the experience. So this isn’t about Culture being bad or good , those are polarized concepts.

It about realizing culture is part of polarity consciousness and not to let it “control” your perception of reality.

Here Terrance Mckenna Describes Culture as an operating system, Terrance was truly a genius , we love you !

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