Economics is the way the modern world judges success or failure. Our entire paradigm on this planet is based on economics and the concept of never ending growth.

Without perpetual growth the current programs that are running are doomed to fail. This is why many of us realize now that we need to adapt a new paradigm that is not tied to this insanity.

We are moving into a period where the new paradigm will be to “Do More With Less ”  “Sustainably” and “Surviving” will be the new Thriving from a purely economic perspective.

And of course at the core of economics is “Money” itself , arguably the most powerful form of alchemy on the planet. In this section we will unveil the origins of this powerful symbol of energy and more importantly those who control it and use it to manipulate the masses to their own gain.

If you start to open your eyes and ask the big question like , why is their poverty, why is their perpetual wars , why are we polluting our planet and killing its creatures, all you have to do is follow the money and all your answers await you.

Money itself is not inherently good or evil , it is simply a tool for the storage of energy , human energy. The problem we now have  is  this tool has been corrupted by those many have started calling  call  ” The Money Masters ” .

The story of the money masters or the money changers as Madison called them goes back for centuries , but the discussion here will focus on the more recent manifestation of this corrupt group  like the Federal Reserve , or Banksters as they are commonly being called today.

This is a deep subject and is actually at the core of  what is the most powerful control grid that is responsible for so much of the turmoil on this planet. One term for this is the “Money Control Grid ” , a system designed to imprison consciousness itself in the false belief of  poverty and lack of abundance.

Money has now become a powerful tool for perpetuating the false paradigm of poverty consciousness. It’s false of course because  the universe is infinite and we have infinite abundance.

Because of the Elite class who control the creation and flow of money they can create a situation where billions can starve and be homeless because they have no money on a planet that is capable of  providing for all of us. Of course from a greater persepctive this is all part of the play.

Having an understanding of the big picture will help you navigate through this process and keep food in your belly and a roof over your head. this is the practical application to understanding the nature of the Apocalypse.

Lets start with a lesson in where money comes from and how it is a powerful form of alchemy , and Tracy Twyman does an excellent job of unveiling the mysteries of money.

Now that you understand where money came from , lets fast forward to the real reason we fought the American Revolution and talk about the Money Masters and the Federal reserve.

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