Evita Ochel

Evita Ochel … Consciousness Expansion Teacher , helping to empower others as they learn to live form the heart ! Wow , that says it all , I love it !

We can certainly do with more of that mixed into the collective , more people becoming living templates , examples that others can emulate , vibrationally if they so choose.

There is growing number of “Beings” on the planet who are shifting , moment by moment , creating new consensus realities in their wake, that others can be part of ,and participate in the co creation of.

You see it’s not about changing the world , its about changing yourself , and shifting to the collective you are more in resonance with, allowing others to do the same, all things are allowed expression in this vast universe, there is plenty of source energy to explore all probabilities in infinite combinations.

Evita Ochel is one of those voices helping to create a new consensus reality , a new construct , for others to be part of , it will be a new collective experiment if you will, one based on the heart virtues , empathy , compassion , understanding , forgiveness , wow what a concept , imagine the level of joy we can experience. .

I love the title of Evita’s video series, ” New Earth Living ” , it really resonates with me personally , as I don’t see any point in fixing or resurrecting the old constructs or programs that have been running for so long on this planet .

Lets start fresh , lets create something new, a reality more in alignment with our true core vibration ,lets co create systems that support us , the people , as unique individuals and in harmony with mother earth and the abundance she so freely shares with us, she is our host consciousness , and we need to learn to wash the dishes and clean our rooms, we need to be honorable guests.

Nature has so much to teach us and that takes us to Evita’s video on ” BareFoot Walking ” as a consciousness expansion tool . The expansion of consciousness is really just re-becoming , re-membering more of who and what we are , it’s not something that has to be achieved , we are already source, all that is , universe.

The Idea behind Evita Ochel’s ” New Earth Living ” “Tips For Holistic and Sustainable Living From The Heart” summarizes for me the trajectory , or path that many of us are on , in a sense it’s a return to “Sanity ” for any “Being” that chooses to have an experience on this planet, we can live in paradise here on earth, it’s all about state of being.

So take off your shoes , feel the grass beneath your feet, smell the sweet air , hear the birds singing and the wind whispering , and let go , simply let go , of all the baggage, the “things” you think you should have done , accomplished , acquired…and simply “BE” !

And remember we are already all that is and ever will be , we are universe walking … barefoot now … thanks to Evita Ochel !

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