Extraterrestrial is a word I use only because it is the most common word besides Alien to describe beings other than Human.

For me the word is way too limited to describe the infinite ways in which consciousness manifests itself as sentient life forms.

All sentient consciousness is multi dimensional at its core whether it is conscious of it or not , because everything that exists is consciousness or God or what ever term one feels comfortable using for all that is.

Personally I like consciousness simply because it has no religious connotations, and simply describes a state where there is awareness of being.

So from an infinite consciousness perspective you don’t have to describe the various life forms that exist as being Alien from one to the other. That is a very primitive, stage one human, persepctive in my humble opinion. Come on people wake up and look around , its 2011 for gods sake !

I know we are still driving combustion engines , but that’s not our fault !

There are many names to describe the various life forms both physical and what is now commonly being referred to as Multi Dimensional beings.

We have the Annunaki , the Pleiadians , the Sirians , the Greys , the Hybrid Greys , the Reptilians , The Nordics, and many other beings described in books and videos and in movies throughout our culture. The list is quite large and diverse which one would expect given the size of the Multi verse.

There is a general theme developing about who and what they are ,and where they came from and what they are doing with us, and here it is.

First off there is both good and bad , big shocker there , the bad guys are typically referred to as service to self dudes and the good guys are the benevolent ones who only want to help.

And even within specific races like the Annunaki there are supposedly different casts and groups ,some who are good and some who are not so good , think of the show V and you can see it all played out there.

My feeling about this little part of the universe we call earth, circa 2011, milky way galaxy is that while we tend to experience things in a linear , polarized way. I don’t personally believe in Black and white , I see things as they are,which is pretty much grey, hey maybe that’s the message from the Grey Aliens.

In other words Universe uses everything, so while all of this “Information” is very fascinating , at the end of the day it is just information and from an Infinite Consciousness persepctive all the races and beings and life forms are all made of the same stuff and we have nothing to fear from any of it.

Now with that out of the way I can finish telling the story that is developing around this subject by the over all awakening ,alternative media movement/community.

The theme is that somewhere around a couple hundred thousand years ago, the Anunnaki came to earth and started manipulating human genetics to dumb down the species, or possibly they created the current form of human we see today.

Either way they were and still are involved in this process and events on this planet and are the actual sons of god of the past talked about in cultures all over the world. In the bible they were called the Nephilim.

And while there is a bunch of other beings watching the show, some actively participating , others just watching the petri dish that is the human race and planet earth , the Anunnaki are said to be at the forefront of it all. And as I mentioned before, there are those Anunnaki that are said to be trying to help while others actually feed off the fear and chaos that exists here and to which they as the grand engineers of it all, created ,to feed on.

I know its a lot to take in and should all be taken with a grain of salt , but once you start digging into it there is a lot of sense to be made of this story which starts with the ancient culture of Sumeria and of course even further back to Atlantis and of even long before that to the very cradle of humankind.

Yes we may be genetically tied to them , after all even modern science acknowledges the reptilian part of our brain.

And the symbolism about these reptilian beings is pervasive throughout all cultures spanning our entire known history in both alternative history and even the crap that is taught in modern academia.

And as time went on , these beings continued breeding and the hybrid offspring continued breeding and it is these hybrid offspring that became the Elite Blood lines and this is where the “Divine Right To Rule” came into being and the royal families that we see even to this day.

Many suspect that these Royal bloodlines ,the actual individuals we see as the ruling elite on this planet are used as vehicles for the multi dimensional Anunnaki to use and to participate in this particular frequency we call 5 sense reality.

With their ability to manipulate and socially engineer the path of humanity they have been able to keep the human in a polarized state for thousands of years , some would say keeping humanity from its own destiny , its own divine state some call the
Angelic Human
, the real human being , the real 12 strand DNA human Being.

And while seemingly far fetched as this all sounds it actually makes sense as to why the world is the way it is. As we move into the awakening process or what is termed the apocalypse ,as we repair our DNA, the angelic multi dimensional human is on the return cycle of evolution and we are slowly changing and repairing human consciousness to a state that is in tune with unity and the Unified Field it self. A state that is limitless , our true state of being.

And of course this scares the hell out of the controlling elite and their hidden masters the Anunnaki because it means the game is up , it’s hard to play god if your subjects realize they are also god. And so the tide is turning and re alignment is occurring and all is at it should be, and as planned in the grand 16.5 billion year experiment know as the evolution of consciousness by the Mayans.

So now it makes sense as why the world is the way it is , as the Old Guard’s paradigm is crumbling around them , as their control over humanity wanes, they are reacting out of fear, fear of the loss of their control and power , and they will have to choose which path they will take as well in this evolutionary process.

And as with all great change their will be some growth pains as humanity is reborn , which is exactly what we are seeing now in the apocalypse , with the wars, rumors of wars , financial turmoil ,seeming destruction of mother earth and general insanity of those who fight the process and refuse to look in the mirror and ask the question what am I, and how can I be the change I want to see in the world.

The best way to navigate this process is from the heart , not from the mind or ego , so next time you think about Aliens or Extraterrestrials or any of the above , see all of it from love , from the heart and you will have nothing to fear , no matter what turns out to be the truth.

Hey that doesn’t mean you cant enjoy a good Sci Fi Flick where everyone is fighting and blowing each other up ,just remember its just entertainment , which is pretty much what all of it is.

I mean what does infinite consciousness do for entertainment , well your looking at it kid !!!

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