They say History is written by the victor, and I would have to agree with that . The question is who is this victor? 

The social engineers as I generically call them would have you believe they are countries , world leaders, religious leaders , this group or that group.

Do not be fooled by this illusion , the illusion that anyone wins anything by war , the illusion that  what our educational system teaches us  is an accurate portrayal of  why events occurred.

And yes many events have occurred , Pearl Harbor did happen, WWII did happen , 911 did
,  there was a Roman Empire, there was a Hiroshima .

What is missing in our history lessons is where did we come from , who are we , where are we going. And I’m not talking about going back 10,000 years , I’m talking about the whole thing , the entire universe.

Not only who are we , but what are we , what is a Human Being.

Until we answer these questions we are like children who can easily be manipulated , and that is exactly what  has happened with regards to what people call history.

To fully understand events and history perhaps we will need to expand our awareness to a point outside of linear progression in time.

If in fact all events are happening simultaneous then its no wonder we are confused and easily deceived with our limited perception of reality.

Many now agree that time is not a fixed phenomenon but is relative to the consciousness that perceives it .

In this excellent 16 part video below , Michael Tsarion does an excellent job of unveiling many of the esoteric aspects of earth’s history , space and time. Prepare to be entertained and challenged !

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