Modern Western Medicine  is one of the most dis-en-powering  programs running ,a very”Grand Illusion”.

Of course Medicine is not inherently good or bad its just used as a crutch and in many cases a tool for manipulation.

Yes there are some positive aspects to medicine certainly when it comes to trauma medicine it saves many lives.

And there are other examples of positivity in the medical world again nothing is black and white,universe uses everything.

Like most of the programs or institutions on this planet , there is so much corruption involved in this area of human activity that it has in most cases become counter productive to the concept of keeping humans healthy.

Aside from trauma medicine , what has happened is that we have yet another “Big Daddy ” just like in government and academia and most of  the institutions that abound on this planet. And this Big Daddy is your “Doctor”.

It never ceases to amaze me at how most people actually see their doctor as some sort of higher being , as someone who actually has the power to heal them , some people even brag  about their doctors as if it were a good thing that they needed them around.

It seems ludicrous to expect someone else to keep you healthy , but there in lies the problem , humanity uses doctors and medicine as a crutch so that they don’t have to take responsibility for their own bodies.

When you start to view reality from the perspective of infinite consciousness , it becomes obvious that any healing that takes place can only be done by you .

And of course we need to love and take care of this amazing vehicle that we are taking for a ride so that we get the optimum use and performance out of it.

So much of modern medicine is about treating symptoms, instead of going deeper to the root cause which is ultimately  fear or dis-ease.

In a world that perpetuates fear its no wonder so many fall into the addiction of doctors and medicine and medical insurance.

Insurance ,another fear based program that just perpetuates the idea that unless you are covered by these safety nets you are in grave danger and at high risk all fear based words.

So you start to get the idea how medicine in its modern, Health Care Bill format , with all its components like medicaid and medicare is just one big illusion.

Think about it , people survived just fine without any of it , no you don’t  need a bucket of pills everyday to keep you alive, and if you do that’s not living .

But this is the paradigm we are stuck with for the moment until we evolve as a species , until we realize that we are co-creators of our own reality and we have the power to heal , to repair our DNA , without medicine , doctors or insurance.

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