Well here we are in the last days of 2012 , and while Nibiru hasn’t shown up yet, we have had quite a bit of excitement over the last few years in regards to earthquakes, extreme weather , increased solar activity , plenty of  high strangeness.

But …hey …we are all still here , well most of us, yes we have taken some casualties, but hell, people are dying every day, in automobile  accidents , wars, disease , skydiving, old age , earth quakes, tsunamis, boredom , hurricanes, tornadoes, and list goes on of ways in which we can leave the building, kick the bucket, check out.

So I find interesting how people will talk about moving to a safe place , sure there are places that are perhaps “safer” than others , and I can empathize with these feelings, especially as I watch Hurricane Sandy bare down on the east coast and the earthquake storm  in British Columbia.
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