The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens has become the “Main Stream” portal for disclosure of  who and what we might be .  After several seasons of airing it has become the most popular series ever in the history of the History Channel , evidence that people are hungry for some answers.

Who is behind this series ? What is their agenda ?  it doesn’t really matter to me , I treat it like any source of data , its just information, however that being said , much of what I am seeing in this series does resonate with and actually mirrors much of the the dialogue, discussion  that we are having  in the awakening community.

It’s like the internet has gone main stream TV. What are we ?  Where did we come from ?  Where are we going ?

The sleeping masses of planet earth are slowly being acclimated towards the realization that the history we have been taught in schools is kindergarten stuff  , we are part of a much larger society, a galactic society and then a finally a universal society , we are migrating towards unity or universal consciousness, although at times it feels like a painfully slow pace .
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Nothing is what it seems , so be prepared for layer after layer of  reality to be peeled away during this “Great Awakening”.

My first glimpse down the rabbit hole started out as a simple conversion with someone who was well on his way down the hole already.

In fact he is so far down the hole now , I can’t even find him, and that’s kinda strange in itself.

This has probably happened to some of you so it may be a familiar story.

I was told to pull a dollar bill from my wallet and inspect it closely and to make note of the pyramid and the all seeing eye on this Federal Reserve Note.

After looking at if for a bit , it did seem unusual that our currency had an Egyptian Pyramid on it. I mean what does the United States have to do with Egypt or the pyramids for that matter.

This really intrigued me and spurred me on.  That night I got on the internet and my whole paradigm, my whole world view began to expand exponentially , that was in the fall of 2008.

The first thing I learned that night , was that the pyramid on the dollar was not necessarily an Egyptian pyramid.

However the concept of Pyramids and the fact that pyramids sprouted up all over the world in ancient times really got my curiosity going.

Here it is 2012 and I am watching the whole thing laid out for us on The history channel , on regular television. Wow , what a difference a few years makes.

It turns out the Founding Fathers , were not only brilliant men , they were Free Masons, they were highly enlightened , or Illuminated beings.

The symbolism and rituals that surround the Free Masons, and  the Illuminati of the Bavarian kind are everywhere in American history as well as present day culture.

The data that is piling up is absolutely staggering , for example the Washington Monument  points right towards the Pleiades, as well as many other ancient monolithic sites around the world.

In this age of the Apocalypse , the pieces of the puzzle are all starting to come together , we have them all spread out on the table and we are slowly , each day making the connection , fitting the pieces together.

There is nothing scary about it , nothing to fear , the picture of reality that is coming together as we put the puzzle together is nothing short of extraordinary.

We are extraordinary beings, our fore fathers were extraordinary beings , and clearly so were our space faring ancestors.We are children of the stars,and planet earth is “The Grand Experiment” on so many levels.

If  you look at the United States now and what it has become , just another corrupt empire, one could argue that the experiment was a failure, and that the founding fathers efforts were in vain.

Well to that I say , Its not over yet , and,  if in fact , the American Dream was born form the stars , then all the more reason, to never give up on it.

In this Episode of Ancient Aliens the Founding Fathers are examined and the grand experiment is unveiled.  Prepare to be “Awakened”.


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