The more of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series that I watch , the more I realize that this is disclosure 101 for the human race.

The term disclosure has became more popular over recent years in the awakening movement with voices like Steven Greer and his disclosure project.

This is what the Apocalypse is all about , we are turning the light in the room on brighter and brighter until at some point,  when we are ready , it will be completely illuminated, for us to see and understand the 4 big questions , like the 4 cardinal points in Astrotheology, the cross , the compass points.

1. Who Are We   2. What Are We   3. Where Have We Been  and   4.  Where are We Going.

This incremental awakening, or illuminating is to allow us , the human race , time to process this information , so that we can integrate it into our society , into our daily existence, into our very consciousness.

When voices like Steven Greer  and David Wilcock and others said that disclosure was eminent back in 2009 , I was very skeptical of any kind of grand announcement from the powers that be , I don’t see them wanting to give up their seat of power to more advanced beings, or ideas that there might be beings superior to them in any way.

On the other hand,  as always,  universe uses everything, and clearly the powers that be , the ruling elite , this group of perhaps not so human beings is not even close to being in control of everything.

And as we move deeper into 2012 and the Apocalypse , they are slowly loosing control and their grasp on the human race, the esoteric knowledge of who and what we are is being broadcast around the world , via television as the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series.

The series is being replicated on the internet , hundreds of you tube channels carry the series and the videos are being passed back and forth at the speed of light.  The human race, human consciousness is hungry for this information , this data , as it rebuilds its collective memory , to bring us out of this amnesia.

One thing I find very encouraging is that whoever is behind the History channel does not seem to have a problem with the Ancient Aliens series  being spread across the internet as you tube videos , there does not appear to be a crackdown on copy wright protection. We shall see, my hopes, my highest joy is that this remains to be the case.

If you think about it , this is really the only way you can have disclosure, because what this series and what other researchers around the world are understanding , coming to the realization of, is that the so called Aliens are really just , other beings , like us , who exist in this environment we call the cosmos, the multiverse, physicality , creation.

And the story of planet earth is about how these other beings are more like our ancestors , in some ways , perhaps our creators in other ways , but they are not superior to us , in the sense that ultimately we are all part of creation , we are all fractals or aspects of all that is, and in this realization we are all brothers that exists, with in love, within “all that is”, because we are all , “all that is”.

The purpose I believe of this series is to help us understand our real history , so the history channel is the perfect vehicle to bring us the unedited version of reality , to re program us so to speak out of the version of history we are taught in school and through out the state controlled academic system. The real story goes much further back then even Sumeria , which was roughly 5000 BC.

As you watch the series you will hear this term used quite often, “As Ancient Astronaut  Theorists Suggest , or Believe” .   This is the History Channels disclaimer so to speak , a way for them to present the information yet still remain a main stream instrument , for those that still might be sensitive to this information, becasue of their religious beliefs or simply becasue they have been asleep so long they need to be slowly awakened.

And of course,  we are,  still putting the pieces together,  now its just a matter of the details, anyone who has been at this very long is already living in the realization that we are all “hybrid beings” from other worlds , that are essentially infinite consciousness.

The rest is just the local story , the play so to speak , here in our part of the cosmos , on Mother Earth, another type of being , a magnificent host consciousness , beyond our scope of understanding at this point, but we are getting there , some of course are already there.

As we learn about the details and our back ground , as we integrate this into our daily lives , as we become more awake, more of who and what we are , as we raise our vibrationally frequencies individually and en-mass , we come closer each day to embracing , the others , the other beings, the other civilizations throughout the cosmos.

This day of reckoning , this Apocalypse , is already here for many of us and is growing exponentially , becasue of programs like the Ancient Aliens series, becasue of researchers around the world, and becasue  individuals like you and me who are simply stepping up pushing though the fear , pushing through the old paradigms, and re-remembering, re creating our selves each and every moment.

Since this site is about navigating the Apocalypse , we should probably dig into the infamous Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

From a purely dogmatic, religious , Christian perspective they symbolize Conquest , War , Famine and Death.

Not exactly a positive definition to be sure , but of course the Roman version of reality we are all indoctrinated into since birth is not about positivity or empowering us.

Its about taking the reality we are in and spinning it to create fear , which is nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real “. The false evidence is how these ancient social engineers have taken the real “Holy Science ” or Astrotheology and turned it against us.

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are simply the four cardinal points, or east , west , north and south , or the 2 solstices and the 2 equinoxes, or the white horse morning sun, the  green or pale horse the warming summer sun, the red horse the sun setting into fall, the black horse is the sun in the blackness of night or winter.

See nothing evil here just the beautiful workings of our solar system explained using the symbolism of the bible, this is knowledge that we are all aware but have forgotten on purpose for a type of experience , an incredibly powerful experience , that is only taken on by masters, so remember we are all masters or we wouldn’t be here.

You could say that Astotheology is the language or symbolism that infinite consciousnesses has  used to create the blueprint of the cosmos.

Think about the complete interaction and connectedness all that is .  We have the 7 planets ,the  7 chakras of the human body,  the 7 days of the week , the body renewed every 7 years , the luck y number 7 , the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 wonders of the world , the 7 notes of the diatonic scale in music, the 7 dwarfs, and it goes on and on in every culture.

This inherent connectedness in everything, is something  we are never taught in our public school systems,  we are  taught ” What”  to think when we are brought into this world , we are never  taught “How” to think.

Astrotheology , the “Holy Science’ teaches us “How” to think.

It’s called the “Holy Science ” becasue it is just that , it is the embodiment of ” As above so Below ” another way of describing  the fractal or holographic nature universe. It is the “Big Picture” science .

So the social engineers have hijacked this “Holy Science” and effectively have turned it against us, using the powerful symbolism to manipulate and dis empower infinite consciousness , meaning us, you and me.

It’s all good or god  though, universe uses everything and it uses this particular paradigm, what we call physical reality to really put us through the grinding stone, honing and sharpening each of us as we work our way back towards unity.

Again the Apocalypse is “The Revealing” and there is nothing to “FEAR”.

I would like to take the time now to give many thanks and blessing to Santos Bonacci for his most recent talks on his favorite subject “Astrotheology”.

In many ways it really is the only subject when you get down to it, becasue it tells the story of the cosmos, the planets and the stars , these mighty beings.

The Suns and planets , these beings are actually the causation , what we see as physicality is  simply the effect of these magnificent beings or gods as ancient man referred to them.

Of course from a greater persepctive even “they” are simply a manifestation of Infinite consciousness, the stuff everything is made of, the only “True Substance of the Multiverse.

Understanding Astrotheology , or better termed the “Holy Science of  “As above so Below , will  aid you greatly in your ability to navigate these times of the apocalypse , because you  can see clearly the “Big Picture” . so that when you see the signs , or symbolism  you see it for what it truly is , not what some other entity would have you believe it is for their own personal  empowerment or gain.

So turn off the nightly news, stop watching fear porn on the internet and start educating yourself on the big picture , turn your golf ball sized awareness and expand it to encompass the universe.

If you do these things your life will change exponentially , synchronicity will become part of your normal every day experience  and your highest joy for you and those around you will manifest in abundance !

Again Thank You Santos , Excellent work , I enjoy your passion for exploration of “All That Is ” !


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