Hi Seth,
Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my wake up, I’ve headed to your website so often. I loved your post today answering Pete from Canada. Just wondered if you could please go into the Singularity a little more? I get confused sometimes with that word. Does it have 2 meanings, one God-like and also AI based?
Many thanks

Thank you Karen , I greatly appreciate your feedback , of course anything I say is simple my perspective ….I don’t believe in definitive statements , we are all just exploring… of course you already know that …

I “feel” we are all basically individuate aspects , or fragments, shards of a larger body, being, all that is , the singularity … each of us reflecting back a slightly different perspective in a vast multi verse , and this multi verse and everything within it , as vast and un knowable as it seems , is still within the singularity , there is really only “one thing” , one particle , a particle that is so fast it can be everywhere and appear as everything…
(

The Wake Up Call Part .2

Continued from Part .1

…I am whom ever you want me to be …and from there things got even more amazing, words of course do little to describe experiences like this.

The only way I can describe it was that I had become more of myself , more conscious, more consciousness. There were additional encounters with other beings some female , some male, all of them seemed to be there to help me get re-acquainted with my surroundings.

Upon returning from my nap that day to what we normally call the waking state , I have never, in my life, felt such a sense of  listlessness, it felt like , I was in …a Dream.

I slowly got up, off the bed , walked around , stumbling a bit , not too in control of my balance , or my physical body for that matter , and started looking for Hanna my wife.

When I found her,  I asked  her,  can you see me ?  She looked at me a bit startled wondering what the hell I was talking about. I asked her a couple more times and she said, honey whats wrong with you, what happened.

From her persepctive I laid down to take a nap just an hour or so earlier, and she was in the living room relaxing , starting to doze off on the couch, with Henry in her lap snoring loudly, as he always does , all of us tired from the long night.

I told her what happened the best I could , but this feeling of not really being there was so strong , again it just felt like a dream, waking reality now felt like …the Dream , everything seemed really slow , it was like I had come down of a drug high and I was experiencing the burnout phase.

I was actually sad in a way , disappointed to be back here, in what we call the waking state, this slow vibrational state , I wanted to go back , I wanted to be Alive Again !

Hanna wasn’t to excited to hear that , it kind of hurt her feelings , making it sound like our life was just some dream I was having.

After about an hour,  the feeling had worn off somewhat , but it took about half the day to realize , to process what had happened and to adjust to this vastly denser , slower , less alive , less awake state.

I came to the realization that what we call waking life is actually more like a dream state , than what I had just experienced , as the song goes, merrily,  merrily, merrily ,  life is but a Dream”.

Wow , 2012 was on a roll , what would happen next , I could only wonder what could top the first day of 2012 . We went to bed early that night ,as we were both exhausted ,  and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I was of course hoping I would return home,  to that place I had just visited,  that beautiful amazing alive , place, where “everything” was within my grasp.

It was only a brief visit   , although it  seemed like hours , it was only a few minutes by the clock, here on planet earth, physicality , what we call “Life”.

My god , we don’t have a clue what the hell we are , who we are , and where we come from.

As my eyes closed I could hear the wind pick up outside , I could hear a storm brewing and it made me sleepy …as I always love a good storm … To Be Continued !


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