People used to think the earth was flat , not because they were stupid, they were simply ignorant of the larger picture, they had a limited perspective of reality , the more we expand our awareness , the more of  the universe we see.

Right now we are still operating within the 3d 5 sense reality matrix , from a purely physical persepctive , it’s like a television , there are hundreds of channels to choose from , but you can only watch one at a time, you can only tune into one frequency channel at a time, this is similar to the limitation of our persepctive as humans currently on this planet.

Perhaps this is why our scientists seem to have blinders on , main stream academia seems to have a very limited ability to expand beyond what is considered  known , and the Idea of the Electric Sun is one prime example.

For some reason , even when the evidence is staring them in the face, they will not waver from the fusion model of the Sun , just like they refuse to acknowledge that their model of comets is wrong , even though they themselves have collected evidence that shows comets are not dirty icy snowballs, they are in fact more like asteroids , with hard cratered surfaces, their own imagery from their own spacecraft clearly shows these facts.
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Old Sunspot 1944 is rolling around the limb and has been renamed sunspot 1967 , and it looks like it has plenty of size and magnetic complexity left , so we might get another show !

Yeah I know who cares right , but some of us get excited about sunspots , because we know that the Sun is king our neighborhood.

So we keep an eye on ole Father Sun becasue what ever happens to him happens to us , one way or another we are effected… I mean why do you think people used to worship the Sun.

I had high hopes on 1944  the first time around , but nothing much happened , but now there is a hint of change in the air, with financial markets teetering , bankers committing suicide , and banks clamping down on cash withdrawals , there is a sense that just a little push and we might see… well something happen.
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