The Present Moment , Living in the moment, Being Present . These popular catch phrases,  these ideas are hot topics in the awakening discussion , and when understood and “Lived” are vital to staying sane in an insane world , but what does it actually mean to be present, to live in the moment .

All  of the great teachers out there  talk about being in the present moment as perhaps the most important aspect of  awakening , why … because the present moment is all that really exists, past and future or just ideas, constructs, thoughts coming from the world of form.

The key to actually living in the moment is really about understanding the “Human Condition”.  So what is the human condition , well the general connotation is that of … suffering, although there is so much more to “Being” human, much of it is quite wonderful , joyous and exciting !

So … what is causing the suffering part ?  Well … all I can share is my own personal experience , although from what I hear from others  out there , we are all very similar , we are  experiencing very similar challenges when it comes to trying to stay present and live in the moment .

It appears much of the challenge comes from our “over identification”  with form , which includes our thoughts  generated by the conditioned mind , our ego , our persona ,  most of which we inherited through our culture via indoctrination.
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Wetiko is what gives us the incredible capacity to deceive ourselves.

Wetiko is a term that comes from the Cree Indians and it can be described as a type of virus or parasite if you will that has infected human consciousness.

One of the effects of  this parasite on humans  is that we actually believe we are separate from one another, we believe that we are only physical beings.

The concept of  Wetiko is an interesting way to explore the nature of reality that we find ourselves in, as a  lucid dream or construct that we have completely lost ourselves in .

I was introduced to the concept of  Wetiko by Paul Levy who has spent many years of exploration into the nature of reality, and I find his insights fascinating and with plenty of resonance.

Like Paul I see reality as a type of dream , no different than the dreams we have at night the only difference is the vibration. I would suggest that what we call the waking state is of a slower vibration, in other words more dense , less light .

I’m not saying waking reality is better or worse than other states of consciousness, that type of thinking is definitely the effect of Wetiko at work .   Wetiko is a clever way to explore this seemingly insane world we live in where most people are completely oblivious as to “What ” they actually are.

From a greater perspective you could exchange the word “Wetiko” with Polarity, Evil, Negativity, Darkness , Mind, Ego and the list goes on but you get the idea.

Wetiko is simply another way to explore, to express this idea that we as infinite consciousness  , have chosen to participate in a type of collective dream , with various root assumptions , some of which can be incredibly limiting.

And this limitation we put on ourselves is how we learn, how we grow , how we can experience more of who we are , so Wetiko is clearly a positive thing  , and if you dig deeply into Paul Levy’s work you will see he would agree.

Another aspect of awakening from the dream , or becoming aware of Wetiko and its effects is that you begin to treat all outer circumstances or surroundings with an equal level of importance or unimportance if you will, you can start to see the matrix in everything and how it operates to manipulate you.

So if you define a lucid dream as being awake, aware that your dreaming ,  within the dream state, it is exactly the same as being in physical reality , awake,  and realizing,  that it is in fact,  another type of dream, albeit at slower vibrational frequency.

Many of us are starting to realize  that , what we are experiencing , regardless of what the outer circumstance are , the outer trappings, what ever the vibrational frequency , its really , from a greater perspective, simply a …Reflection of us individually and collectively !

Darkness and light, good and evil, positive and negative, male and female are in each of us , they are both part of the whole, this is what integration is all about , and why we are here , it doesn’t get any more exciting than this !

Integrating this concept into your daily “State of Being” will greatly empower you , and expand your understanding of what we are , what the universe is and will inspire you to live each moment with love, empathy and compassion, and it will be reflected back to you guiding you towards your highest joy.


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