When we talk about faith on this planet, most people attach some sort of religious connotation to the word ,and practice sort of a blind faith in some unknown god that looks down from heaven and watches over them.

However there is another type of faith, one that is not blind , one that knows,  that ultimately,  the only faith  you really need is in your self .

When you have faith in your self , backed up by action , and know that universe will support you , with no expectations about the outcome , this is real faith , this is ” being empowered ” !

This is quite literally a “being’ that’s empowered.

And this is where the story begins, the control system we will call it , is designed to dis – empower, to take power away from beings like you and I , and the best way to do that is by convincing us to place our faith,  our power , outside of ourselves.

Now , all that said, I don’t believe we are victims , I refuse to explore the nature of reality through the eyes of a victim. I see it more like a game we play , and yes it is a very challenging game , but of course it would have to be considering the players, it can’t be easy, and it has to be nearly infinite in it’s scope.
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