Do you feel like you have been here before ? Have you ever had a Deja Vu Experience ? This is the experience of knowing what is about to happen because you feel it has happened before.

In reality, we are simply getting a glimpse of the true nature of all that is, where everything is happening all at once, there is no past or future , there is only now, this moment, the singularity , the one being.

This theme of living in the moment is permeating a large portion of the awakening process and for good reason.

The more we can let go of allowing outer circumstances to dictate our state of being , the better off we are going to be as we move into what may be at times challenging growth pains here on planet earth.

And the benefit of living in the moment is increased synchronicity as we learn to go with the flow so to speak , it will be much easier to navigate through life’s daily challenges.

Especially now in the midst of global changes , most of us are faced with dramatic changes in our lives , whether it be financial , emotional , spiritual or otherwise , these can be chaotic times unless you can learn to surrender and allow your higher self to guide you .

Remember higher self has the best perspective, it can see the entire landscape , while physical mind tends to get bogged down in the quagmire that is daily life, we spend so much of our time simply trying to survive and make ends meet, we loose touch with what we truly are and why we are here.

And we are here simply to experience , that’s it. Our experiences are the only things that are truly “Real” , and how we experience something is based entirely on our definitions, our beliefs.

So physical reality , or any environment that infinite consciousness perceives as reality ,  is really just a back drop , a stage we create for the purpose of experiencing what ever we want to.

So next time you have that feeling of Deja Vu , go with it , know that your are simply piercing the veil of illusion.

So close your eyes , breath deep and listen to Deja Vu , its perfect synchronicity and vibrational harmony.

And now that your relaxed and in the mood , here is Bashar who waxes oh so eloquently on the subject.


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