This is not what I had in mind when I was thinking of sustainability . We now have sustained insanity. I’m not even sure it matters what day it is , the world economy is either crashing or rallying.

One day we have solved the debt crisis , the next day its back . Its like a bad reoccurring dream that just goes on and on with no relief in site.

Of course for the aware observer we know nothing has been solved , you can’t solve a debt crisis by creating more debt. That’s rather like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

Yet at least 2 times per week now we are told that the debt crisis has been solved or we should be prepared for Armageddon, a term actually used by our politicians.

Of course for those of us that are awake ,we know its pure theater , we can see the Banksters and their minions  just holding on to siphon as much wealth and energy as they can from the system before it collapses.

Of course it must collapse , right, tell me it’s gonna collapse so we can start over , so we can start new, it can’t go on like this for ever right , it already seems like forever for many of us who are struggling  to survive financially.

And it most definitely has to  seem like forever for those who have already lost everything and don’t even have food to eat.

I was kinda hoping with the end of the Mayan Calendar tomorrow October 28th 2011 , something would actually change , yes lots of things are happening, but not much seems  to be changing.

This is usually when I tell myself , that from the perspective of infinite consciousness, from a greater perspective everything is exactly as it should be.

Sometimes that doesn’t work to ease the feeling of frustration,  that I might have to work the rest of my life,  with no chance of ever getting ahead , much less retiring while I can still walk upright.

Is that whats in store for us , working until we are dead, while the Banksters manipulate and control ad nausea till the end of time.

Do we have to come up with a new Mayan calendar end date, perhaps it is December 21st 2012 , or maybe  March of 2013 as some are now saying , really , is this it , we just keep pushing dates further into the future.

Some are saying we wont see real change until 2017 or perhaps 2036. No …please not that long …just shoot me !

This is  “Sustained Insanity’ !  Wow !   What is the answer, where do we go, what can we do , nothing  ? , just get up each day and go to work and pretend things will get better, now that’s insanity.

The say in an insane world, a sane man appears insane. I would say the hell with everything and go live in a cave , but I am too addicted to a warm bed so I put up with the Insanity.

How long can “We”  put up with the insanity.


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