We are nearing the end of 2012 , and guess what , we are all still here. I find it very amusing all the hype about 2012 being the end of the world, and no one has put more on the line than Patrick Geryl , the poster child for cataclysmic earth changes.

I remember seeing him pop up on my radar screen 3 years ago in an interview with Project Camelot.   Wow …3 years ago, seems almost like another lifetime, so much has happened, so much internal growth and expansion.

I’m not bashing the doom and gloom sect here, much of their information does have basis for the possibility of severe earth changes, it’s all happened before, planetary alignments, solar cycles, magnetic pole shifts , its all documented in earths history , in the very rocks we live on.

I’m just wondering why we focus on it , how can anyone really prepare for the “End of The World”. That seems a bit like an oxymoron , a contradiction in terms , a paradox.

What if one of the reasons for our awakening , is to see that yes these thing have happened in the past, thank you Patrick Geryl and others for your research and hard work in pointing that out to us, but we choose a different path, a different experience this time around.

In Patrick’s world the end will be coming soon , in fact in just a couple months it will all be over, he is sticking to the December 21st 2012 date as the end , this is one of the dates that relates to the Mayan Calendar.

Part of the awakening process for many of us has been this increase in awareness of earths cataclysmic history. One thing we should probably remember , it was only the flora and fauna that perished during these events, Earth was just fine afterwards, and has continued for billions of years.
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