We are all , to some degree  living in a self created prison , collectively and individually . The prison walls are constructed out of  ( bricks or definitions ) which we use to build  our prison  (walls or belief systems ) that en prison us.

This process is so subtle that we do not realize we are even imprisoned , and that we are both the prison guard and the warden.

So here we can see  that our “Definitions create our Beliefs ” and our beliefs to a large degree will determine our “State Of Being ”  …  and our state of being determines the type of experience we will have .

So how do we break down the prison walls ?

Well… using this analogy , since our definitions are the building blocks of beliefs , we should probably start there, it’s time to take a hard look at our definitions , meaning how we define things , for example lets take a look at the definition of  “Abundance” ,  since our level of abundance is often associated with our self worth here in physicality.

Most of us associate abundance with money ,  money is probably the most powerful symbol on planet earth for the idea of abundance , why  , becasue with money we can buy the material things that we associate with abundance , Food, Clothing , housing , Cars , entertainment , our social status and so on , without money we have no access to those things , so it’s no surprise that money is our primary symbol for abundance.
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How we define “something” determines the type of experience we will have with it . One of the more practical things we can do to utilize what we learn during the awakening process is to understand that our definitions determine our experiences.

Change our definitions and we change our world , quite literally . There is a simple equation that you can keep in mind to help in monitoring your inner dialogue , your narrative , so that you can better work with higher self in navigating the Apocalypse.

Definitions  equal Experiences !  That’s it , I know it’s too simple , we must make it more complicated , it has to be more complicated , however it is that simple , it’s the way the universe works !

This is why one persons paradise is another persons hell.  Why one persons blessing is another persons nightmare. It’s all about definitions , how we choose as individuals to define things for ourselves, that’s it.

Lets talk about how we define death for example , since it perhaps one of the most primal of all things or experiences that can happen when we are immersed in this simulation we call physicality .
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