As comet Ison approaches the sun , there has been a definite uptick in solar activity , we have had half a dozen X class flares in just the last week or so and twice that many M class and C class flares.

All of  this is after months of little or no activity , where most earth facing sunspots seem to wither and die once they became earth directed , they just shut down and go into a state of decay , and then as they cycle to the back side of the sun they come alive again…very strange behavior… of course what do humans really know about the sun, it is a bit older than we are !

The impact of all this energy coming in has been quite interesting on an individual basis as those around us go crazy or find a wealth of energy and inspiration ,  and on a collective level  with super typhoon Haiyan clobbering  the Philippines , supposedly the biggest storm ever recorded to make landfall .

So is it just a coincidence that the sun is becoming more active , just as comet Ison approaches, are the two bodies  interacting ?

Anyone who is familiar with the idea of the electric universe would agree that is exactly what is happening , ” Interaction ” , and as Ison gets closer to the sun we may see a continued increase in activity , which will all but verify what many of us  already know intuitively , this is an Electric Universe !

Ison is a highly charged electrical body , moving towards our sun , a massive,  electrically charged body , and the two are connecting , via currents that stretch out through space for millions of miles and as they touch they spark , the comet gets brighter , and the sun lets loose with charged particles in the form of filament eruptions , solar flaring , and the dance goes on , and has for billions of years.
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