Expectation can be a form of limitation . Having no expectation at all about anything frees up universe to bring you abundance in ways you would have never “expected”.

Because we are creating our reality moment by moment , day by day , expectation can become self fulfilling, in another words expectation can be turned into intent , albeit unconsciously.

It’s simple physics at play here, if your expecting bad things to happen , then your focus will be negative and of course your thoughts will become negative and as creator beings this translates into asking universe for things we don’t want to happen.

And of course universe will support whatever we are asking for , it makes no distinction between good or bad , positive or negative, it simply fills in the void we have created , the template we have set forth .

Even if your aware of  your co creative power, and your expectations are positive, love based and seeking your highest joy and excitement , expecting a certain outcome , may very well limit you , becasue universe could have had done so much better had you simply made your intent clear and allowed universe to take it from there , with no expectation.
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Rivers of Belief is a way of describing belief systems. My intention is not to paint belief systems as negative ,but to simply discuss how consciousness uses belief systems to experience itself in infinite variety.

Another analogy that would work well would  be to compare belief systems to operating systems that you are familiar with in our computer technology. For today though the river is a more eloquent and universal comparison.

A belief system can be likened to a river always in perpetual motion , if you step into it you will be carried along within its domain  and even swept away if you allow it.

If you stand up and start walking against the current or belief system you will find it very hard to do so and you will tire very quickly until you finally have to give in to the flow and allow your self to be carried away.

Belief systems are actually necessary to give consciousnesses a perspective in which to experience itself in a variety of ways , so again we are not saying  having a belief system is a negative thing.  I’m just saying it is helpful during the Apocalypse to understand that you are “Infinite Consciousness ” using belief systems for the purpose of experiential exploration, they are a tool.

This understanding will aide you in navigating the road ahead as it will give you a much better persepctive. You will be in the world but not of it , which will greatly improve you ability to tap into higher self  which has the ability to see a larger part of the picture than physical mind.

Higher self can see from the mountain top the river flowing through the valleys with its twists and turns and report back to physicality , to the Human being and let you know where its headed.

And if you know where its headed you may decide to step out of that belief system on to the bank and let it flow past you or perhaps find another river or belief that you are more in alignment with vibrationally. This will facilitate growth and understanding.

The message here is no matter what is “Happening” around you , it is simply a belief system , a river you are flowing down , based on root assumptions that have been agreed upon by the collective for a certain set of experiences to occur.

A belief systems is not “what you are” or “who you are” , it is simply a type of experience within an infinite variety of  experiences that you can be part of , if you don’t like where it is taking you , simply get out of the river and onto the bank.

What you will find on the bank of the river is beauty beyond words, and unlimited potential, or simply “Being”.


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