The Term False Flag is becoming a phrase we hear almost daily now, so it’s time to zoom into the dirty world of black ops and physiological operations that seems to be the mainstay of the western Geo political landscape.

To put it in the most basic , laymen terms , it’s when something is blown up or shot up and human beings are killed to motivate the rest of the population into supporting some sort of military action against another country, or as we have seen lately to justify the further , exponential expansion of the MISC (Military Industrial Security Complex ).

Its the same old worn out manipulation technique  , more commonly know as the Hegelian Dialectic , or Problem , Reaction,  Solution .

The list of  False Flag Events , that killed humans to justify sending more  humans to die while killing other humans is staggering , here is just a few of the most recent ones which you may well recognize , these actually lead to world wars or major conflicts where millions have died in the name of saving lives, yes its   “utter nonsense”   .

Sinking of the Maine , Sinking of the Lusitania , Pearl Harbor , Gulf of Tonkin , 911 and the list goes on and on .
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Well here we go again , another war , another conflict added to the list of ongoing wars and conflict.  As war ships head towards Syria , and missiles ready themselves to unleash their payloads , the (so called ) powers that be continue their saber rattling , its the same old story , filled with lies and deception mixed with partial truths.

We call it the Hegelian dialectic , or problem reaction solution , it’s a “program” that has been running so long , that most people have no idea they are trapped inside their own self created prison walls , many go on  believing war and conflict is necessary , and by believing in it , they continue to support the construct.

Yes… its a  program “we” created , collectively ,however  it’s time has run out , it’s purpose is over , for many of us anyway …we are ready for something new, we are ready to build a new consensus reality !

While in the past  the majority of the masses have bought into this lie , over the last few years  , as the vibration of the planet increases , as love based being takes hold and fills all of the dark corners of the room with the blinding light of the Apocalypse , we can begin to see  the reality behind these never ending conflicts , is “US” !
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