The doom sites are bustling with the latest on comet Ison , supposedly it has the potential to be one of the more spectacular Comets of recent times , of course for most of us we will likely never see the thing unless we go on the internet and look at pictures of it.

It’s not like we can just look up in the sky with the naked eye and see this big event happening , although it would be cool if we could, anything to break up the monotony of  the drama we call the consensus reality , on and on,  the shootings , wars, political theater and economic woes.

The ” Doom Tards ” as they  are called , are of course hoping for disaster  , anything to bring about change , there are a lot of people who are awake and understand the way the world works , and don’t really see any way out of the mess, they don’t see any way that we can get from point A to B … point B of course is some semblance of a sustainable , fair and balanced economic system, that serves the individual and the collective , without destroying our eco systems , and is not ruled over by a bunch of corrupt , service to self ….. Ok  you get the point , people want things to get better , and in lieu of that ..hell lets just call it quits and go for the post Apocalyptic Paradise.

Anyway … this Ison is a bit strange , even expert comet observer John Bortle thinks Ison looks a bit weird , so there , even an expert is starting to get his doom on , well not quite , but hey , maybe something exciting will happen , it is possible !

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Well it looks like we have shifted a bit more , ObamaScare is getting delayed , which is a good sign , lets just keep pushing it further out until it  falls off the edge of the radar and lets be done with it .

No one wants it , it’s just another form of taxation!

And of course there is obviously not enough support at the template level in this collective for this newest of artificial control constructs to maintain integrity , it’s falling apart before it even gets started , and to that I say excellent !

Remember shifting is not about the world changing , it’s about you , us , changing and then shifting to an already existing version of a parallel reality that is more in resonance with your new beliefs , your new vibration.
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