Here we go again , over the Fiscal Cliff.  Does anybody even know where this cliff is ?  I haven’t actually seen  it ,have you ? In fact it’s starting to sound like someone crying wolf.

Over and over gain we are told we are going over this illusory cliff.

But here we are trillions of dollars later , and still no cliff, the central banks just keep creating more money out of nothing ,  with the click of a mouse, and the beat goes on.

This is classic Problem Reaction Solution, the Hegelian Dialectic in action again.

The problem , the scary Fiscal Cliff .

The reaction , run for the hills , modern civilization is about to crumble, no more Ipads !

The solution we need to raise your taxes !

This is the purpose of the Fiscal Cliff , the obvious psychological operation that is now playing at theaters near you, in this case, United States planet earth .
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