As we move forward, deeper into the Apocalypse , as we go about our daily routine, no matter how mundane , no matter how trivial it may seem , we need to conduct ourselves with the highest of conduct.

This means all of the empathy, understanding and unconditional love that we can muster for our fellow human beings , and for ourselves, especially during times of intense adversity.

We are the reason “we” are here , relationships are the reason “we” are here, there is no other purpose. Yes there are many shiny toys to play with here in physicality , but in the end all materials things will loose their novelty and luster ,because¬† in reality,¬† all of physicality is inside of us , there is no out there.

If you want to change the direction of your life you have to start with yourself, forget all the outer circumstances, they are all a distraction from taking responsibility for yourself.

Our conduct is how we can change the world , if we can live a life of High Conduct , we can be living templates that others can learn from , can emulate , as they see that good behavior breeds , abundance , synchronicity , joy and fulfillment , not only of this world , but in all worlds , all levels of being, this is what balance is all about.

The more awake , the more expanded you become , the more balanced you become , and this balanced state of being is a powerful influence on the Larger Consciousness System.
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