The Apocalypse is teaching us that Inclusion is more in alignment with unity consciousness. Black and white , right and wrong are part of the dualistic nature of polarity consciousness.

As we increase our vibrational awareness more and more we begin to realize that universe is about allowing all things expression regardless how we define them as individuals. In a universe that is infinite how else could it be. We are so loved we are allowed the expression to hate ourselves.

The practical benefit of allowing all things expression or choosing inclusion over exclusion is that your less likely to miss out on all the valuable experiences that you might otherwise have passed up becasue you are stuck in your polarized reality of believing that you have to choose one idea over the other , or one path over the other.

For example there is nothing wrong with acknowledging or even being excited that we may be on the brink of financial and social collapse while at the same time remaining positive about the future. The two conflicting paradigms can and do exist within consciousness , within each of us.
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