TMI … TMI … Too Much Information!   Do you suffer from TMI ?

No,  I’m not talking about when Bob wants to share his recent bowel movement experience , or when Grandma  wants to give you details about her sex life , no we are are talking about another type of TMI challenge here .

We are talking about the barrage of data the human mind is exposed to on a daily basis , the stimuli !

Is there a point where you can overdose on information , can you have Too Much Information ?

I would say yes , you can overdo the whole absorbing information thing and the internet has created an information revolution , we now have a digital representation of human consciousness, that anyone can tap into at any time .

And while it’s great to have the internet as a tool for learning and exploring , it can also become a diversion or worse an obsession , with some people becoming completely addicted to the virtual online world and leaving the so called real world unattended.
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