Well I think it may be safe to say that the plan to force human beings  to buy something they may not need or want is “Toast” .  Obamacare is tanking by the minute and the recent headlines from  Time Magazine , echo the message clearly  “Broken Promise” .

It seems ,  even the main steam news is forced to admit the obvious out of fear of being totally irrelevant.

Of course most of us pay no attention to the promises of politicians anyway , so no one is going to be surprised that  what politicians say and what they do are two very different things .

Personally I have zero energy invested in politics as I see it for what it is , an illusion of choice, and I pretty much ignore most of what is going on within that sphere of reality , however when it comes to being forced to buy something I don’t want , I don’t need  and I don’t believe in , then I take a stand .

From my perspective our bodies belong to us , what we do or don’t with them is up to us , nothing is more personal than my body. So I have always stated to myself inwardly , that I will not participate in any way,  in the” farce ”  known as Obamacare , I will not be part of it , there is no acceptable reality for me,  where I will be forced to by health insurance nor do I resonate with the idea of being penalized or  fined for not doing so.
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Because of  the actions of Boehner we are reaching the climax of another shift point !  I know … I’m really ” Milking ” this thing … it’s just so easy ..can you blame me !

OK enough innuendo for a moment , so here we are at another  “Pivotal ”  shift point , will  Boehner Stand Firm , or will there be a last minute deal and then  business as usual , which equates to more  debt and Obamscare shoved down the  throats of those who willingly participate in such matters.

Personally I don’t really care , in other words, I have no intentions of participating , or buying into this nonsense , Health Care to me is a personal thing ,  something I take responsibility for , not something I give anyone else power over , I am not a believer in “Big Daddy” , and as far as the debt ceiling well that’s just plain stupid, a joke, like believing in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, it doesn’t exist, there is no debt ceiling !

However  from the perspective of shifting , from parallel reality to parallel reality , and as an aware observer , I can see where now is time for another choice to be made , remember nothing has built in meaning, we give it meaning, we always have a choice , and if that choice is business as usual or  a  Default and potential collapse of our current economic , and or currency , then I choose the latter.
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