As we unravel the mysteries of life , we find more mysteries . As we awaken from our dream , we realize that we are still in a dream. As we look towards the stars we find more stars , as we explore the microcosm we we keep finding smaller things.

There is no End to the Within of “things”…things are the things consciousness dreams into existence , we are existence ,we exist, everything is within us.

So why not live your life like a dream ! Even as a child we are told to row , row , row your boat , life is but a dream. I find it ironic that we are taught these simple lessons as children only for them to be wiped away as we are forced to deal with the responsibilities of adult hood where we could really use them in creating a more authentic , joyous life for ourselves.

There are many esoteric teachings on this planet that incorporate the idea that physicality is simply another type of dream , albeit a persistent one as Einstein once said .

Once you begin to get accustomed to the idea that all outer circumstances, all realities , physical or otherwise , are simply constructs, frameworks ,  backdrops for  infinite consciousness to have experiences within, you will begin to free yourself  from the constraints of these various systems , what we might call the “Laws of Nature” , the ” Consensus Reality ”  or the agreed upon “Root Assumptions” of the collective.
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Have you ever experienced a dream within a dream ? If the answer is yes then you should have some idea about the nature of reality.

In the movie Inception the main character is able to enter the dreams of other people to gather information plant subliminal ideas or messages for the purpose of manipulation.

During one of his missions  he gets so deep within the dream state that he starts to find it very difficult to distinguish the dream from reality, and he even starts to get into multi layered dreaming, dreams within dreams, and this is where the movie really starts to get interesting.

The deeper we get into the Apocalypse, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we expand our consciousness , it appears physical reality can in a sense be compared to what we think of as a dream.

What we are discovering is that everywhere consciousness looks in expectation it finds. There is no separating the observed from the observer and in fact if you remove the observer there is nothing.

What this means, is that what we call the dream state is just as “Real” as anything else. The only thing that varies is the vibrational frequency, the slower the vibration the more dense the reality , “appears”.

So if consciousnesses chooses to travel in lower vibrational states , matter will appear more dense , things will happen more slowly , manifesting will happen at a much slower pace.

However if your cruising through higher vibrational frequencies within the probability field , matter is less dense , and manifestation can become instantaneous.

Remember though,  the “being” that is  traveling, the observer , the fractal of consciousness, which is what we are, is ultimately not subject to these various environments.

Because ultimately from a greater perspective , there is no environment , not really , there really is no out there , which is why we always say circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters .

Once you realize this , once you start living from this perspective , your life will change dramatically and for the better. So again there is a “Practical Application , a benefit from becoming more aware of what you are, and here’s how.

Once you know that , environments, and circumstances, are not what you are, then you will “know ” that those things exist within you and that you are ultimately not subject to them , which will greatly aide you in dealing with the challenges we face in this often harsh reality called planet earth.

Start playing with this idea , start seeing yourself as a non physical being that simply enjoys strolling through the layers of reality for the purpose of learning and growth, no matter what the circumstances.

And as longs as your taking some time to play , have some fun and rent Inception , its a great way to spend a couple of hours.


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