Lately Bashar has really been sharing some unique data¬† with those of us who care to listen¬† . One of the more recent is his meeting with a new race of beings, a race that seems exotic even from Bashar’s persepctive.

These beings have been communicating with the Essassani for a while now , how long I’m not sure , time is a bit different from his persepctive , 30 of our years is like 300 of their years , and of course Bashar is from the future , so at some point who cares , and from a greater perspective we are all just talking to our selves .

These beings are known around the galaxy as the “Thook” , or at least that’s the best translation for us humans. Now here is where it gets very interesting and would make a great Science Fiction plot , can you imagine earth getting invaded but no one could remember what the invaders looked like , sounds like great fun.
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