There are many discussions about thinking positive , and how positive thoughts will create positive results in your life  , however I think there might be some confusion as to the difference between thoughts and beliefs , and ” if ”  there is any difference at all.

All I can do is speak for myself , how I would define thoughts versus Beliefs.  While I do believe that positive thoughts and positive thinking are beneficial I don’t “think” of thoughts as the same as beliefs  , to me they have some subtle differences.

I would define thoughts as simply motion and division, mind wandering, pondering , trying to figure it all out  , while beliefs would be more like a State of Being , a more solidified thought perhaps , a frozen thought,  a construct.

For example , during the day , we have all kinds of thoughts running through our heads , for me personally , I can have all kinds of thoughts both negative and positive oriented so to speak , but it does not mean I believe in them , or give them any real attention , they are just aspects of what I call monkey mind , the constant rambling of ego , always trying to figure it all out , what to do , when to do it , how to do it and so on.

Sometimes a thought , an annoying one , will stick its ugly little head up , and I know that I do not resonate with it , usually it’s some sort of limiting thought , so I just acknowledge it as a by product of the physical mind trying to do what it was not intended to do.

Physical mind does not have the ability to know what is going to happen , all it can ever truly know is what happened and what is happening , so in that sense it records experiences.
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Oh the Monkey mind !  Forever plotting and scheming about it’s next move, what shall I do , where shall I go , what will I do tomorrow, next week , next year , it never shuts up , it’s constantly  babbling on about something.

Left to its own demise, it usually ends up in state of fear , fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of lack of abundance , fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of what others think .

So how can we tame the monkey mind, how can we get it to shut up !  Well many try to shut it up with drugs ,alcohol and  sex , all wonderful choices as long as they work , however they usually only offer temporary relief , a bad headache and  an expensive tab at the end of the night.

But seriously what can we do, how can we quiet the inner chatter ?  For some people there is no recognition they are even operating from ego , or physical mind, they are completely lost in there ego  identity , they walk around completely immersed in there character , often to the detriment of their peace, happiness, joy.

For many it’s about being right , at all costs !  That being said we can all empathize with this plight , it is part of the human condition ,  we all have days when it just seems like we can’t turn the monkey mind off, we can find no peace , and of course the modern day , highly materialistic , fear based ,  paradigm we have created only exacerbates the problem.
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