The Universal Laws or Natural Laws of the universe are the holy grail of occult knowledge. When we talk about the occult , the word itself is often associated with with black magic or dark sorcerers , in fact most people infer a negative connotation when using the word occult.

That’s because most of society gets its education form television or the main stream media “programming” , and this is what they are told , so this is what they believe , however the actual meaning of  the word occult is simply “hidden” .

These hidden truths, or occult knowledge  are the framework of how consciousness works, it is how we create our individual and collective realities , so occult knowledge can be used in a positive way or a negative way , although  ” it ”  is neither positive or negative,   it is simply the way the universe works.

That being said , there are those who use this hidden knowledge to manipulate the sleeping masses , they utilize this knowledge to get us to ” unconsciously co create ”  the reality we see around us, what we call the consensus reality , society , religion, politics, the legal system , taxation  all of the ” Belief Systems” based on control on this planet,  were created for the purpose of indoctrination , to keep consciousness , controlled ,  entertained , confused, and in a state of fear and uncertainty.
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Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler CMT CH

Excerpts From  ” Vibrational Harmony “

Vibrational harmony is the “key” to attracting and creating whatever you have in your life, both desired and undesired. This chapter tells you about some of the things you will learn so that you can deliberately attract and create more of what you want.

There is an enormous amount of material (books, seminars,workshops, CDs, teleseminars, online training, etc.) on subjects related to personal and spiritual growth. Much of the material is conflicting and contradictory, so it is very difficult for people to separate the true from the false, the facts from the fluff.

In addition, in spite of all the available information, what is generally lacking in books and trainings meant for the public is an understandable description of the natural laws that govern our Universe. These are Universal and Mental Laws, based on the laws of energy and physics, and they affect every area of our lives. These laws have been known to people seeking “higher knowledge” for centuries.

Sometimes they are alluded to in popular motivational and self-help teachings, but rarely are they taught.

Vibrational Harmony explains these laws and how they operate in all areas of your life. Since they are the FOUNDATION for all change, growth,healing and success, this knowledge is essential for your personal and spiritual growth—and I might add, for your health, happiness and fulfilling relationships.
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