Gregg Braden is one of the first voices that I came across during my initial awakening process and I wanted to add him to the list of resonate voices that is growing exponentially during this great unveiling.

Gregg is very articulate and well versed on the big picture or what we often refer to as the “Nature Of Reality” a broad sweeping term that covers pretty much “Everything”.

He like many of us is coming to the same conclusions , that consciousness is the only true substance in the universe, wherever consciousnesses looks , we find , which is why we will never find the end to the universe, we will never find the smallest particle.

Its like the illusive carrot at the end of the stick , because ultimately we are just chasing our own tail , because in reality there is no out there , and all of the “Technology” that we use to explore the quantum level and the Macro level will always lead us back to ourselves and the ultimate in technology , and that is the “Human Body”.

Nothing compares to the technology of the human body and we have all we need right here to explore the entire multiverse, we just need to remember how to reactivate all of the potentiality that exists inside of ourselves.

This is the primary message Gregg and many other voices are bringing to the forefront . Gregg Braden also believes the keys to unlocking this transformational process is unconditional love, compassion, understanding , empathy , all of the heart virtues.

Check out the books below by Gregg Braden !

If you want to journey deeper into the Nature of Reality , then Anthony Peake is one of the voices out there that is taking it to the next level , literally.

It seems new voices are coming on to the scene everyday that are absolutely brilliant and resonate with my own personal perspective of reality , of course they would , this is the paradox, this is the “Nature Of Reality”

It’s an absolutely joy to listen to Anthony’s perspective on this very esoteric subject, he has done his research and he does an incredible job at articulating the concept of consciousness, or, all that is, what “We Are”.

Even main stream particle physicists like Steven Hawking are saying the same thing , reality is an illusion, consciousness is really the only substance of the universe.

And how dying is actually more like waking up from a very long dream , just like you can have a dream and wake up in the morning and feel like you have lived a whole life.

This is our nature , this is what we are , we are fractals of all that is riding the waves of probability , in infinite combinations, simultaneously , yet there is only one “Being”.

Check out the books below by Anthony Peake !

This is really brilliant stuff, take the time and really sit down and really listen , and take it all in , if your like me you’ll find a lot of resonance here with Anthony Peake.


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