If the only choice you have is to vote Red or Blue , don’t bother , they are two sides of the same coin, there is “NO ” difference .  Anybody who is somewhat aware of what is going on here on planet earth has a fairly good idea that our political system is toast.

There is nothing inherently wrong with ” The System ” itself , you always here people say things like …man it’s the system ! The System is screwed up , we gotta come up with a new system !

I have to laugh when I hear this , because they are not seeing the big picture , there is nothing wrong with the system, the founding fathers were pretty sharp dudes , the problem is the system they created , which was designed to be for the people doesn’t even really exist anymore.

It’s been modified , manipulated, re created , corrupted , by those that need power because they have none , and of course we can’t blame them either ,  they are us , they are part of the human race, part of the collective consciousness , and yet every election  year people keep voting for them like it’s their favorite member of  Survival , Lost , or Dancing with the Stars , it’s  like some kind of mixture of hero worship, Idolatry and Stockholm syndrome , I can’t figure our why any one votes for these people anymore .
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I don’t believe in Santa Claus , the Easter Bunny or Politics. To me they are all the same , although at least the Easter Bunny is cute, and Santa Claus makes for good bedtime Stories, can’t really say that about politics.

The recent debacle regarding Rand Paul , Ron Paul’s prodigal son is not surprising in the least bit , nor the fact that Ron Paul himself has been completely brushed aside in the 2012 election cycle.

I know many were counting on the Pauls  and hoping they would come in and change the world , but as I have awakened over the last 4 years, and watched it all unfold , one thing is clear when it comes to Politics, its always the same tired old show.

It’s a puppet show , the Politicians of course have no real power, they are completely and utterly under the control of the hidden hand, behind the curtain.

The puppet is fed fiat currency which is created out of thin air , and in exchange they provide their services much like a prostitute , although most of them are not nearly as attractive, for the most part Washington DC is Hollywood for the esthetically challenged.
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