I want to take this time to redefine one of the more popular acronyms that gets used so much in todays main stream media , alternative media , movies , television , the news, conversations around the dinner table etc.

It is an acronym that by it’s very nature seems to empower those that have no real power at all , anyone who seeks power over others , has none , this is the very reason they must vampire, take power from , dis empower others , it’s to feed themselves , of course they are simply acting out of fear.

If you feel the need to be in control over other people , then you will make a poor leader, true leadership is never about control , it’s about empowerment, a true leader brings out the best in people by simply ” being ” , they create a template that others can  choose to follow , becasue doing so inspires and empowers them.

What the media  mistakenly calls “World Leaders” are at best simply bureaucrats and at worst , tyrants or bought and paid for puppets, who gladly will take any position that brings them fame , notoriety , or power over others.

That’s why it’s time to ” Redefine ” and make this acronym accurate , PTB  will no longer stand for the Powers That Be, it will stand for the ” Powerless That Be , this is a more accurate description for these types of individuals, lets quit feeding their egos , lets quit feeding the tape worm with source energy.
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