I’m absolutely shocked !   Boehner has gone soft !   This of course is a follow up to the shift report where Boehner stood firm !  If it appears that I do not take our political system seriously , and that I see it as pure theater , the brunt of jokes , because it is a joke , with actors simply playing their parts… well then your right , that’s exactly how I see it , it’s all nonsense !

So I knew this would be my last opportunity to get in one more ” Boehner ” innuendo… sadly , it was so much fun , you will have to forgive me however ,  I generally don’t use the names of people , and I do respect the part they play in the mass drama , we all have our parts to play , but hey he is in the public eye and others were doing it … It’s not my fault… !

But if we are to go deeper , which is nearly impossible now that Boenher has gone soft … oops … OK … enough … but we will try , if we go deeper and look at world events as a “reflection” of the collective consciousness , which of course it is ,then we may be able to gain some insight into what the hell is going on ” out there ” !

So we , and when I say we ,  I am referring to the collective , we seem to keep doing the same thing over and over again , borrow money , hit credit limit , have brief  manufactured drama and hand wrenching …then … raise debt ceiling , more borrowing hit debt ceiling and on and on and on …wash rinse …repeat cycle , it’s all very repetitive,nonsensical.
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The Term False Flag is becoming a phrase we hear almost daily now, so it’s time to zoom into the dirty world of black ops and physiological operations that seems to be the mainstay of the western Geo political landscape.

To put it in the most basic , laymen terms , it’s when something is blown up or shot up and human beings are killed to motivate the rest of the population into supporting some sort of military action against another country, or as we have seen lately to justify the further , exponential expansion of the MISC (Military Industrial Security Complex ).

Its the same old worn out manipulation technique  , more commonly know as the Hegelian Dialectic , or Problem , Reaction,  Solution .

The list of  False Flag Events , that killed humans to justify sending more  humans to die while killing other humans is staggering , here is just a few of the most recent ones which you may well recognize , these actually lead to world wars or major conflicts where millions have died in the name of saving lives, yes its   “utter nonsense”   .

Sinking of the Maine , Sinking of the Lusitania , Pearl Harbor , Gulf of Tonkin , 911 and the list goes on and on .
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