Things are weird , that’s for sure. It seems 2012 is becoming the year of the shootings , among “many other” insanities. Can things get any stranger , we’ll see , that’s for sure.

As we watch events unfold around the world , many of us wonder what is the purpose, or meaning of all “this” madness, what is it teaching us , what is it telling us , how do we stop it , can we ever stop it?

Do you ever wonder if good things are happening around the world , of course they are , every day , every moment , but you wont see those stories broadcast on any TV station.

Why is their a  negative news feed  running 24 hours a day , what is the purpose , it’s certainly not a balanced representation of what is occurring on this planet on any given day.

This is the “Shadow News” , the dark news, the reflection of the darker aspects of humanity, regurgitated and fed back to us to create a sort of negative feed back loop which intensifies the fear and negativity, sound familiar.

The sole purpose of our so called media , new channels , is not about reporting  news  its about manipulation.

This is one of the reasons  the internet became so popular , becasue you could choose what you wanted to look at , you could choose what stories you wanted  to hear about.

Now it seems  everywhere you look on the internet there is  a Google ad running…hmmm..starting to look like TV …all over again…does anything out there …really change
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