Apocalypse How  is looking for guest writers who would like to contribute an article for our Guest Writer section . You can write about anything you like that is relevant to the idea of awakening , expansion and unveiling the illusions that we have all been indoctrinated into.

Apocalypse How is growing quickly , and by growth , we mean traffic , and content , as of this post we have over 2000 pages indexed in Google and other major search engines , our Alexa ranking is at 167,000 and dropping rapidly .

Why the exponential growth , well that’s easy , we are focusing our attention and energy on this portal , it is our passion and our highest joy , so universe “Must ” reflect that back.

So if you would like to promote your site or your writing please compose a new article specifically for this purpose, we do not want to simply re post another article you already have up on other sites ,we want original content that will only be posted here, and we will not re post it anywhere either.
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