Well I have to say…  I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up … a Parallel Reality Specialist !!!  I know what your thinking … what kind of money could they possibly make , probably not a six figure income … well to that I say …perfect !

I was kinda hoping that once I got good at it , I was going to shift to another reality anyway … one where income didn’t  “Matter”  !!!

So where did I come up with this idea , well of course … Willa !   You know the being that is from a future parallel reality , that gets channeled by another being that is from her future even further up the line , who is then channeled by a flesh and blood human  here on planet earth ” in”  our “Time”.

Wow ! …you almost have to be a Parallel Reality Specialist just to understand what the hell we are talking about !  So lets simplify it here a bit… it keeps me from getting a headache … so basically , we are all multi dimensional beings that operate in multiple dimensions in multiple timelines , under multiple incarnations … OK my heads hurting again !

We are some seriously busy people… lets face it , no wonder we are confused , we got way to much stuff going on , we need to tone it  done a bit, maybe narrow it down to just a few realities at a time… jeeeze , who made the schedule this week ?
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Well … its been a while since I continued my exploration of the Shards , well sort of , we are always exploring moment by moment , day by day , we are never “not ” exploring , its what we do , it’s what we are.

We are Shards of the Fractured Mirror !

So many revelations these days about this idea , it reminds me of a pivotal , life changing experience I had during an awakening dream, where I saw my faces in “a mirror ” , yes my faces , all of them , infinite in variety , race , gender  and age .

In that moment I had a brief glimpse of my true nature, our true nature , we are truly multi dimensional expressions of all that is, there is no place we end, and no place we begin, we are all that ever was or ever will be , we are shards of the fractured mirror.

Many of us are moving into a state being that is more flexible , more malleable , not limited by space , time , dimension, identity , personality , ego , which are the all the trappings if you will of lower vibrational awareness , of physicality , physical mind.

We are Exploring the idea that we live “other lives” , in other realities, in other dimensions, we meet others in these experiences who we do not know or recall ever meeting in our “normal ” physical existence.
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