Ungrip is the story of one man reclaiming his sovereignty.  Of course as infinite consciousness we are all sovereign, there is no one above us or below us those are all polarized concepts.

However in this particular reality a very complex system has been created to reduce the human being to nothing more than a  number on a card or document.

These systems have been around in various forms for a very long time on this planet , its just now during the later stages of the Apocalypse that  Human Beings are starting to realize that they are more than  a social security number , or drivers license.

And in fact when one digs into it a bit further the realization that we are nothing more than chattel to the very elite on this planet can be a bit shocking at first, but hey , it’s just part of waking up from the slumber , don’t take it personal.

The basic reality is that we are all considered personal property by the corporation. The corporation is collectively all mega corporations, governments and nation states.

While they have no actual control over us , the systems they have created are designed to elicit our compliance, our willing participation in their global dominance.

The methodology behind this is incredibly complex and the unraveling will take time, but we are the very least acknowledging it’s existence during the unveiling process.

The main course of action for those that wish to reclaim there sovereignty seems to revolve around a more self sufficient life style commonly known as living off the grid , as well as choosing not to be governed by anyone or anything.

I am all for this in concept , however there are very few who can achieve these goals for various reasons. The most difficult is the living off the grid part.

To live off the grid you need usable land that you can grow food on and own free and clear of any mortgage ,which will require lots of money,  and, somehow avoid paying property taxes.

Then you need some type of dwelling and some form of income or enough money to live on the for the rest of you life.

I would venture to say that 99% of us do not have these as options , which is why  I just don’t see billions of people living off grid on their own land , it sounds wonderful , it’ just not realistic , at least in the current version of reality that I am experiencing.

And as far as not paying taxes, not having a drivers license, or participating in anything that would entrap you in the “System”, well good luck there too, the system is way too complex for this approach in my humble opinion.

Real sovereignty can simply be achieved by knowing the traps exist, yet not allowing  them to control your “State of Consciousness” which is really all we own. From this persepctive you can see that physicality itself is essentially the trap.

So you can follow all the rules so to speak , jut don’t get caught up in the game of physicality.

For those that do have the resources to go off the grid , I would say go for it if that’s your highest joy , I would absolutely love to be able to do it, but I know it’s not a reality for me,  its not the experience I am supposed to have.

Now being more self sufficient , growing some food ,  becoming more in touch with nature , these are more realistic goals that many of us can do and feel better in the process.

Remember integration is about inclusion, not exclusion , we don’t have to go to extremes , the old corrupt systems will die on their own lack of integrity and usefulness.

So the sovereignty movement is jut another aspect of the unveiling, the people that are doing it are showing us how manipulated we have been , and they are exposing the control mechanisms.  So thank you very much for your sacrifice and  for your contribution to the awakening process.

But hey even the guy in this film has telephones and internet access, and uses electricity and I’m sure he makes trips to Wall Mart where he can get cheap stuff from China.

Just Remember we are all sovereign, no matter where we live or how much money we have . We are infinite consciousness experiencing what its like to be human.

It’s just a ride , and its quite possible and even likely these illusions and deceptions go well beyond what we call physical reality.

Perhaps  the entire physical / dimensional universe is  full of this type of  deception at some level , then the best way to handle it is to realize that you are universe simply deceiving yourself for the fun of it, then its truly game over , no control can exist.

Ungrip is a film by Ben Stewart an excellent film maker who has brought us many excellent awakening films , thank you Ben for your hard work and dedication , it is greatly appreciated.

What is this Sovereignty Movement we hear so much about, it is essentially a manifestation of our desire for freedom.

True Sovereignty is the essence of real Freedom , not the false freedom perpetuated by governments and states.

In fact we will never know true freedom while there still exists governments on this planet.

No this is not anti government rhetoric. This goes deeper than that , I am suggesting that until we change within and take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions individually we will continue to let someone else do it for us.

True Sovereignty is the realization that you hold the key to your own power , your own destiny, and nothing can  hold dominion over self , the I am , or being. When you start to live from unity or infinite consciousness this will become more evident with each passing day.

It does take work on the individuals part, however, this is about Being The Change ,  this is not something that will be achieved at a rally for State Sovereignty, or by protesting in the streets for National Sovereignty.

Those are just manifestations of the collectives  desire to be free of the control mechanisms that exists within those constructs, which is why it will not work , you can never solve the problems within the environment they were created in.

The quest for true Sovereignty begins and ends from within , remember there is no out there. Once you realize this ,  that you are infinite consciousness having an experience as a human being , only then will start to see how it is simply your beliefs that hold dominion over you.

There is nothing wrong with the Sovereignty Movement in its current format , again all things are allowed expression , I am simply suggesting that it does not address the root cause of the issue.

When an Individual understands they are all that is , infinite in nature , they become free of the trappings of the outer illusory world,  they are in the world but not of it , at this point they are truly sovereign.

This does not mean withdrawing from physicality , or shunning this particular experience in any way , in fact reaching sovereignty independent of any outer circumstance will allow you to more freely navigate the 5 sense 3d reality in ways that will enrich your life and those around you , becasue you will be fearless !

There is very big story behind the loss of sovereignty in the physical realm , the story goes back thousands of years , from the American Empire , to the  British empire , to the Roman Empire , to Egypt, Babylonia, Sumeria , Atlantis and beyond, in fact much of  the journey that infinite consciousness chose to experience  was about loosing its connection to source. This was the challenge.

I believe it to be very helpful to understand how this was accomplished so one can see the complexity of the nature of reality we find ourselves in , its an incredibly complex virtual reality where the goal is to realize that it is exactly that , just  a type of experience, it is not who or what we are.

Right now as physical human “Beings” we are all staring down the barrel of gun meant to keep us in line with the  “Law”, the only way to change this paradigm is to be the change and live from love , and by doing so we will no longer need the current system we have and it will simply cease to exist .

To get a better understanding of how we got here check out this excellent video with Santos Bonacci , Santos takes you through the creation of this system we find ourselves in , its a fascinating story.


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