Are you Excited about Collapse ?
When ” I ” talk about “Collapse”  … I’m not talking about the collapse of society as a whole  , or end times , or the end of the world , that is all more “Utter Nonsense ” at least for me .

That’s not what I want … and suffering and hardship is not in resonance with my core vibration…in other words ,  it’s not the world I want to be part of Co Creating … I’m not into  the doom and gloom paradigm , that many sites , media , movies  and people seem to be in love with , there is nothing particularly productive about sitting around and talking about how bad things are gonna get, unless of course you are “trying ” to create a reality for yourself where things get really bad , then of course it’s very productive.

And that’s fine , as long as your aware that you are creating it , at least take responsibility , own it !

When I talk of Collapse I am talking about something that is very positive , and yes very exciting !

And why might you ask is this so exciting … well because Collapse and signs of Collapse let me know that I am shifting , and as I shift to “versions” of reality , versions of earth , that are more in resonance with my highest joys and excitement , what I will see reflected back to me , what I will see in the mirror , of the world “out there” ,  will become more representative of what I believe , more representative of my new found definitions.
(

I  Exist ! This is our primary “State of Being”. Everything outside of this State of Being , exists within us. There is no out there.

Have you ever been sitting there on a beautiful day , watching nature , or just enjoying the moment , and you have this incredible feeling , and appreciation that , you exist in a universe so vast that  your  “mind” cannot comprehend , it cannot take it all in.

So you let go and feel it with your heart and as this feeling radiates throughout your whole being , you know that you “Exist.

You have no idea how , you have no idea where existence came from or first tarted , yet here we are , Wow !  We exist !

As you go about your daily routine, as you interact with other individuals, remember this , know, that no matter what the circumstances , you exist outside of those circumstances. Circumstances Don’t Matter !

Live in the moment , the moment is our highest state of power, the moment is where we truly exist. Time and space , past and future these are all attributes of existence, “They” exist within , existence , they are subject to existence, they are subject to us , we are existence, we are the personification of universe , of all that is.

There is “nothing” beyond us , there is “nothing” outside of us , we are infinite , multi dimensional , co creative , fractals of all that is , holographic in nature, as above so below.

Live each day in  appreciation  of your existence, knowing  you are fully supported and loved by the same force that is Existence !

I am , What is , I am that I am , I need no reason , I need no rationale , I need no explanation , existence is my natural state , I cannot , not exist, existence only has one quality , To Exist !


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