Well it looks like the real “Big Daddy”  of the solar system has come alive again , I was beginning to wonder if we would see any more action out of our Star performer , the highly publicized solar cycle 24 was supposed to be the show of a lifetime , however it’s turned out to be a box office dud.

Then promoters said … wait , it could be a double peak cycle , so lately we have all been waiting for that second peak to kick in , maybe this it , although every time the sunspots become earth facing they fall apart on stage , it’s as if they are suffering from performance anxiety .

So here we are nearing the end of the solar cycle 24 , you know , the one that was supposed to herald the end times, and the only thing that seems to have ended is solar activity , which is why I was pleasantly surprised this week to see the uptick in Solar flaring , we have had at least half a dozen M class flares and 2 X flares in the last 72 hours or so , and it looks like we have at least some earth directed energy coming our way from the Coronal Mass Ejections that were released.
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The recent group of sun spots that made their pass in the first week of August 2011 were quite impressive and left their mark on the planet.

Now many of us are starting to see the correlation between solar activity and human activity , it’s not a difficult connection to make.

But it’s not something that is taught in school or talked about in modern academia. No this subject is left to the fringe thinkers, those of us who have no paradigm to protect , no tenure to lose , we can simply look a the data and make comparisons.

And the data shows significant correlations between solar activity and events on earth , both geological and that of humans themselves.

The most recent activity was sun spots 1260,1261 and 1263, with 1261 being the most active of the 3 producing a M9.3 class flare. During this event 3 significant Coronal Mass Ejections were hurled at planet earth , the First arriving on August 4th 2011.

Here are the events that took place as this intense energy reached the planet , you can call it coincidence or simply cause and effect, which ever works for you , but the purpose of this portion of Apocalypse How is to document these events so that we start to see the direct impact the sun has on the evolution of human consciousness.
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