In a recent interview with David Icke in Germany , David  summarizes his life’s work , and his overall perspective on the nature of this reality we find ourselves in.

And David  has come to the same conclusion that many other researchers have ,as well as many of us who are simply opening our eyes for the first time in a long while  , the human race is part of a food chain , if you will , part of an exchange or transfer of  energies.

There are beings that  have “manipulated” (I use that term loosely ) humankind for thousands of years, the Gnostics called them the Archons, the Sumerians called them the Annunaki , the bible refers to the Fallen angels and the Nephilim , the Zulu Shaman in Africa called them the Chitauri and the list goes on of cultures around the world who talk about these beings, what David Icke has commonly referred to as the Reptilians.

Essentially the Idea is that they use our creative energy as a food source, a type of vampirism ,  they are in a sense parasites, although a less polarized perspective  might be to see our relationship to them as symbiotic , meaning , they may have been instrumental in providing us tools that helped  to create the civilization, that we now have, perhaps even taking part in our genetic makeup.

Remember universe uses everything, nothing is black and white, so to say that we are victims is a highly limited perspective, I would suggest that from a greater perspective  there is a collective agreement in place , and we are all playing our roles is this cosmic drama  and as we grow and as we expand , we will find , we no longer need certain tools , we no longer need these extreme polarities as a catalyst to propel ourselves , at least to the level of extreme polarity we find here in 3d physicality.
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