As we move deeper into 2012 , past the midway point , the world ” Out There ” continues to oscillate between collapse and recovery, between creation and destruction , darkness and light , as more source energy is dumped into the playing field.

As governments and their masters use this energy to turn up the heat on the slowly boiling frogs, ( yes that’s us ) ,  wars , rumors of wars, aerial drones in US cities , Economic crisis , Police State tactics, Health Care Bills , Political Theater are entering into a level of novelty unprecedented in human history.

At the same time many of us on the planet are using this gift , this extra boost of energy to shift into higher gear, to propel ourselves further down the evolutionary path.

And like a snow flake , like a fingerprint , no two paths are the same, although they do  intertwine, they meet at certain intervals , they coalesce at certain junctures, all in a grand dance , the dance of the cosmos.

Some of the dancers come together, they are like minded people , kindred souls ,that  form groups, self organizing collectives , that choose  to create new constructs , new paradigms, new worlds, new versions of reality .

And today , in July of 2012 , at the half way point , between destruction and creation , darkness and light , I will share some of the revelations that I find fascinating , that interest me, that help me to see the big picture, that bring me joy and are helping to empower me on my personal journey.

I’m not so arrogant as to call these truths, as some will see them as pure nonsense , but there are many who may find a resonance , and it’s to those that I share my thoughts with , my voice with , because each of us , have our own truths.
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The Awakening is an excellent documentary from one of my favorite voices out there Max Igan.  Like many of us who are growing and expanding our awareness by leaps and bounds, Max is a big picture man.

He comes from the perspective that the only true substance of the universe is consciousness. 

And from this expanded  state of awareness we can more easily sift through the massive amounts of data that we are processing at this time and start to form a coherent understanding of the nature of reality.

The Awakening lays the ground work for you to see how, we as infinite consciousness manipulate energy to create what we call matter. But from a greater perspective everything is energy , and consciousness, or conscious energy.

For those that have just recently begun the awakening process , this is a challenging concept to understand and even harder to articulate , which is why I found The Awakening to be an excellent learning tool, so we thank you Max for all your hard work and efforts in providing this film for us.

Understanding the nature of reality , and perceiving it from the persepctive of infinite consciousness is so vital becasue it allows you to tap into an infinite abundance of love.

And when you are living from love and from your heart center , you can’t be manipulated or jaded by all the madness that is occurring at this time, you  no longer feel the need to get caught up in the polarity traps that saturate the current paradigm on our planet.

Which empowers you and leaves you an excellent state of awareness for unprecedented growth.

So take an hour out of your day and sit quietly , relax and listen to what Max has to say in The Awakening !

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