No … not the movie  , there have been too many possession movies , this is a rather boring possession , so no projectile vomiting or levitation , well at least not today anyway.

I’m talking about the possession of the entire human race!

The human race is possessed , not by evil demons , not by the Archons, or Wetiko or mind parasites , and not even by Satan, nope… the human race is possessed by something far more sinister !

We are all possessed by our minds … OK … I know what your  “Thinking “ … and that is precisely the problem !  We have all become completely identified with our thinking , we actually believe the voice inside our head is …what we are!

This possession by the conditioned mind is a very subtle process, we don’t even know we are possessed , how can we !  In our society our insanity is considered quite normal , so no one knows the difference , in fact the person who is not possessed by his mind is usually seen as the strange one, the outcast  , you know guys like Jesus , Buddha the Gandhi  , the people society usually wants to kill or silence !

And of course once you start to “think” about the possibility that the mind is pulling the strings in your life, your already using the tool that has entrapped you, it’s a bit like trying to quench your thirst with salt water … impossible!
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We have all heard the common phrase , “Clarity Of Mind ” , well I am changing it to ” Clarity Of Mindlessness !

In the mind created world , the word Mindless has negative connotations , meaning lacking intelligence ,  not having good sense , careless , no purpose,  direction or meaning.

Wow … so not being completely identified with the mind  is a real no no here in physicality , no wonder humans are so easily manipulated, even our language is biased towards the conditioned mind persepctive.

I have been talking about the mind a lot lately , what I call the monkey mind, the conditioned mind , thoughts , thinking , self talk , inner chatter and so on , and the reason is because it represents our biggest challenge in our re awakening into the present moment , in that context the conditioned mind is our worst enemy , more so than any conspiracy minded outer threats.

In fact , I would suggest the conditioned mind, the ego is the reason for conspiracies , it is the reason for corruption , the reason for greed, the reason for the need to control , the creator of Hitler , the creator of the Military Industrial Complex, the creation of the police state , all of the control grid mechanisms in other words , are all  created , fabricated , manifested out of the fear based persepctive of the conditioned mind, this is where all of this crap is coming from , of which all of the garbage of humanity , the accumulated negative energies manifest within the “co created ” collective reality.

Yes … the co created reality on this planet right now is a largely an unconscious creation , its on auto pilot , humanity lives in the future or the past, very few humans are truly present , they are asleep at the wheel , the world around them seems to pop up out of no where , they are not conscious of their part in creation , in this state , awareness is completely identified with life situations , while life , existence itself … is rarely experienced .
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