There are some voices out there , in the either , that are speaking out during this Apocalypse, that are so resonant , so vibrationally in alignment with what is happening  inwardly , that when I hear  their words , its as if  they are speaking for me , to me,  as if they are part of me, which of course they are.

And Neil Kramer is one of those voices. The one word that comes to mind when I think of Neil’s work is “Brilliant”.  I put him in the same list of others who I would call super resonate, who have the ability to integrate the vast amounts of data that is becoming illuminated by the Apocalypse.

Neil Kramer’s ability to succinctly and precisely articulate these feelings and ideas that are flowing through the alternative research community is a blessing for many of us.

And it helps us to recognize that yes we are the right track, there are “Others” on this journey , we are making head way.

We are the ” Elegant Warriors ” , and as Neil says , the Elegant Warrior is not a soldier, not a Barbarian , its someone who understands that consciousness can be wielded like a sword to cut through the illusions, the nonsense, the injustice.
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